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Brexit Update: UK Designated Standards for Machinery
Dated 1st January 2021, the Government has published a consolidated list of Standards for machinery. It supports the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 (S.I 2008/1597). As will be seen from the UK Government statement, the Standards Update has been categorised into three sections: A-Type, B-Type and C-Type. You can access the full article by clicking on the headline above.
Free Guide to the Machinery Directive
The latest edition (January 2021) of our Guide to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC has been published and contains updated information for machine builders.
Brexit Implications for Machine Builders
The UK and EU have reached an agreement over their future trading relationship, so there is finally some clarity for machine builders.
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Video of the Month
In this video the secrets of the hydraulic shaft-hub connection called ETP are revealed by Abssac.
‘Just like child’s play’
igus’ latest video shows how easy the igus module connect ‘plug and play’ system really is, states the company.
Energy chains take on heavy-duty mission
For extreme environments, it is vital that you ensure that your energy and data supply is properly protected
Lean and mean on assembly time
The E4.1L e-chain from igus can “be filled 51% faster and closed 86% faster", compared to the E4.42 series.
Low cost robotics highlighted
Robolink® DP has been developed by igus to provide engineers’ with access to automated solutions using low cost robotics
ETP-EXPRESS hydraulic bushes are quick to mount and dismount
In this video the secrets of the hydraulic shaft-hub connection called ETP are revealed by Abssac.
Webcast reveals advances made by machine builder
Lenze has a library of webcasts available to machine builders that cover a variety of topical subjects. One of them relates the experiences of Dutch machine builder Brink
Plant safety and security – time for a rethink
The future of process is widely acknowledged to be digital, but that will create downsides, along with the upsides
Webinars with vision
European Imaging Academy lines up several sessions
Are you adding PROFINET to your device or machine?
If the answer to the question above is ‘Yes’, this webinar may just be for you
Next free Machinery Safety webinar all lined up
Pilz Automation Technology is continuing its series of these webinars throughout 2021
Visppro Robotic Solutions
Based in Bristol, Visppro is privately owned by Ben Cann and Roger Standing. The business specialises in automation projects from the smallest to the largest
1 day ago
Angled handles are inclined to make things easier
The new Elesa range of angled bridge handles provide a safe and ergonomic grip close to the edge of a door, ensuring safe and easy operation
2 days ago
Acting with precision
Critical factors when selecting a displacement sensor and other precision measuring instruments
3 days ago
UK manufacturers urged to step up energy resilience planning
Don't risk falling foul of unmaintained legacy electrical systems
1 week ago
Steel adapter portfolio expanded 
Eaton relaunches and expands range in EMEA to 2,000-plus parts
1 week ago
Rewireable connectors for cable mounting launched
Appliance inlets approved to the UL 60320 standard
1 week ago
The appliance of science
Fittings and accessories for the life science market launched
1 week ago
Space-saving cable holder launch
Stable fastening solution with a high holding force
1 week ago
DC motor for high-speed applications
Enhanced magnetic circuit said to reduce iron and recirculation losses
1 week ago
Full line of sensors for the industrial automation marketplace
Range includes photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, encoders and accessories
2 weeks ago
On a roll with heavy-duty cable carrier
Latest development has rollers integrated
2 weeks ago
Linear actuators help improve efficiency
With potential uses across a variety of applications, Schaeffler’s P.ACT linear actuators are said to offer high power density and significantly improved energy efficiency compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems
2 weeks ago
Taking stock with an interlock block
What is interlock blocking and how does it help prevent an unexpected start-up?
2 weeks ago
Upsides to protecting delicate electrical devices
Innovative module cases – for desks, dashboards or even in pockets – can be used either way up
2 weeks ago
Siemens Congleton shows its driving force
Stage all set to take advanced new Sinamics G115D drive system to the global market
2 weeks ago
Variohm acquisition sparks product expansion
Cost-effective magnetic speed and proximity sensors deliver long-life and highly durable measurement solutions
2 weeks ago
Embracing AI and the human experience
Mouser Electronics releases third eBook from 'The Intelligent Revolution' series
2 weeks ago
Powering up as range extended
WAGO unwraps expanded range of power supply solutions for panel builders, system integrators and OEMs
3 weeks ago
Thinking smart when inline testing
How to reduce downtime, minimise rejection rates, and contribute to lower production costs and improved quality control
3 weeks ago
New flat top chain conveyor system grows with your requirements
MK Group’s new Versaflex flat top chain conveyor system is said to be both versatile and flexible. Find out why here...
3 weeks ago
Cutting-edge performance and portability
ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched Rogue ET 180i and 200iP PRO, its new series of portable, powerful TIG/MMA inverters.
3 weeks ago
Supercharging the electrification revolution
One company is adding an ‘x’tra charge to advances being made around e-mobility and beyond
3 weeks ago
The many hidden benefits when investing in adhesives
Why ROI is much more than simply how fast you get our money back