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Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards list, 18 March 2019
A revised list of Machinery Directive Harmonised Standards has been published in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union. Follow the link to read about the latest changes to the Type-B and Type-C harmonised standards.
Free Guide to the Machinery Directive
The sixth edition of our Guide to the New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC has additional information and an updated 'Further Information' section.
Daily Dilbert Cartoon has a daily Dilbert cartoon. And if you miss any, you can scroll back through the Dilbert archives.
Video of the Month
igus is promoting its drylin ZLN-40 compact toothed belt axis that is economical for automation and other applications in the realm of machine building.
Crumbs! Kawasaki robots pack biscuits
Robots form a key part of the production cycle at a leading manufacturer
Lenze Smart Motor video is handy for conveyor designers
The factory automation experts at Lenze have unveiled a video aimed at designers of conveyor systems
Compact toothed belt axis supplied complete with drive motor
igus is promoting its drylin ZLN-40 compact toothed belt axis that is economical for automation and other applications in the realm of machine building.
Webinar: resetting manufacturing in a post-COVID world
Make UK and Rockwell Automation are partnering to deliver an online Leadership Summit – Resetting UK Manufacturing. The summit includes a series of thought leadership essays and webinars, with a focus on Industrial Strategy, Digitalisation, and Globalisation, and will include high profile speakers from Government and Industry, moderated by noted journalists from national and trade media.
Conference: Vibrations in Rotating Machinery 14/15 October
14th/15th October, an online conference organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers since 1976 According to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, since they began in 1976, Vibrations in Rotating Machinery conferences have successfully brought industry and academia together to advance state-of-the-art research into the dynamics of rotating machinery. At this online conference, delegates can join industrial and academic experts from different countries to discuss the challenges in rotordynamics, rub, whirl, instability and more. This is your chance to present your work, hear from contemporary leading researchers, exchange ideas from the field and updates on the latest research findings.  Whether you are from industry or academia, involved in transport, power, process or manufacturing engineering, VIRM 12 will provide the latest R&D and useful guidance.
Webinar: More productive HMI's, 24th September
Mitsubishi Electric is hosting a session examining developments and advances in the latest generation of HMI's
Webinar: Safety & Industrial Security, 9th October
Pilz is hosting a webinar discussing the cybersecurity standard EN 62443  
2 days ago
New hydraulic valves increase design flexibility
Eaton has announced the introduction of its CMT mobile valve section, a streamlined new section option for the CMA advanced mobile valve. With the capability to control two bidirectional services from one section – claimed to be an industry first – the CMT valve section increases design flexibility and reduces CMA valve bank size, weight and overall system cost says the company. As with the existing CMA mobile valve section, the new CMT version is software-configurable and features CAN communication, on-board sensors, digital flow-sharing and electronic load-sensing to provide precise flow control and high responsiveness. While the CMA section features independent metering, the new CMT section utilises twin-spool architecture to control two services instead of one. This, says Eaton, can reduce the total number of sections needed in a valve bank by as much as 50 per cent, thus minimising valve-bank size and weight. CMT mobile valve sections are stackable with CMA sections, increasing...
3 days ago
Splined shafts and hubs from norelem
Available in a range of standard sizes and materials, splined shafts in combination with splined hubs provide form-locked connection to transmit high torques with simultaneous axial displacement. In comparison to keyed shafts, a typical alternative method of transferring rotary motion, splined connections provide an equally distributed load along the sides of the teeth. This shared load can provide a longer fatigue life than a keyway drive, says norelem. For enhanced versatility and adaptability, norelem’s components feature straight parallel flanks and the main dimensions comply with DIN ISO 14 (formerly DIN 5463), the most commonly used type of splined shafts and hubs. norelem splined shafts are manufactured in cold drawn C45 grade steel, or stainless steel type 1.4301 (also known as grade 304). The cold drawn process gives the shafts a high tensile strength and a smooth, polished finish.  norelem confirms that he splined hubs are available with or without flanges, again in C45 s...
3 days ago
On the level with new SICK CQF capacitive sensor
SICK’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution
3 days ago
New MPW Series Wheel Drive announced
ElectroCraft has expanded its MobilePower™ product family with the MPW Wheel Drive
3 days ago
New DIRAK telescopic cover supports for control desks, tops and covers
A range of DIRAK telescopic cover supports are now available from FDB Panel Fittings
1 week ago
Standard components for machine enclosures and guards
For example, the company’s CFSW hinges provide a safety power cut off once a door starts to be opened, so the operator is protected and may gain safe access when required. But it also ensures that the operator is unable to make adjustments while the equipment is running, which could potentially lead to catastrophic damage. The CFSW hinge features an inbuilt multiple switch which automatically cuts the power supply in order to protect the operator. Elesa says that this IP67 double insulated hinge can be subjected to frequent cleaning cycles and can be used in any situation or environment where special attention to cleaning and hygiene is required, such as in food processing or pharmaceutical production. Its small size, with various assembly and output options, is stated to make it easy to install on the most common aluminium profiles of 30 mm minimum width. Complementary to its CFSW hinge, Elesa also offers machines builders its BMS series snap door lock coupled with GN 676.5 stainl...
1 week ago
New laser triangulation sensor from Micro-Epsilon
Micro-Epsilon is introducing the optoNCDT 1900, a new laser triangulation sensor, said to be suited for both dynamic and high-resolution measurement tasks. It features a new compact sensor housing with mounting sleeves that ensure repeatable sensor position and alignment to the target. This new performance class of laser sensor I, says the company, designed for high speed distance, displacement and position measurements in a wide range of automation tasks including machine building, robotics, automotive production, 3D printing and CMMs
2 weeks ago
Unhinged? No need to be with FDB's new aluminium profile hinges
Machine and panel builders are likely to be prime customers for FDB's newly arrived range of Pinet aluminium profile hinges.
2 weeks ago
M12 connectors for AC and DC applications
binder's new S-coded and T-coded power connectors are stated to be well suited for power transmission applications.
2 weeks ago
Expanded PBL Series flanged enclosures announced by BCL
BCL Enclosures has expanded its PBL Series of flanged enclosures, said to be well suited for small assemblies or potting box applications to provide protection for small electrical systems.
2 weeks ago
New safety interlocks from ifm electronic
Safety interlocks in the new MN7XX series from ifm electronic use RFID technology in combination with bespoke actuator coding, which, according to the company, means that tampering and unauthorised operation are rendered virtually impossible.
3 weeks ago
Just the gear to drive powerful conveyor belts
The two-stage MAXXDRIVE XT right-angle gear units from NORD are said to be well suited for belt conveyor systems in heavy-duty applications, especially those in the bulk material-handling industry.
3 weeks ago
Tailor-made tensioning solutions from norelem
norelem has announced the availability of new sprocket sets and tensioning pulleys, allowing machine builders to create custom tensioning solutions.
3 weeks ago
New white light interferometers
Micro-Epsilon has developed a completely new range of high-performance white light interferometers that provide what it claims are "Unmatched accuracy levels in absolute non-contact optical distance and thickness measurement".
3 weeks ago
Panduit announces PatchRunner 2 enhanced vertical cable manager
Panduit has launched its PatchRunner 2 Enhanced Vertical Cable Manager, which the company says is well suited for high-density cabling environments.
3 weeks ago
New array sensor from SICK
SICK has developed what it says is "A versatile, high-precision array sensor that is easily adapted to a multitude of machine guidance and process control tasks in manufacturing and logistics".
4 weeks ago
New coolant hoses are modular and - er - cool
The new Elesa FH Modular Coolant Hose system is said to be proving a popular solution in metal cutting and machining applications, and for lubricating large compressors and other equipment in the oil and gas industries.
1 month ago
Ultra-compact, high-efficiency DIN-Rail power supplies revealed
PULS Power has introduced new models in its PIANO series of DIN-Rail AC/DC converters.
1 month ago
Star knobs and adjustable clamping handles for quick adjustments
Ruland has just expanded its range of adjustable components to include star knobs and clamping handles: the company says the new additions give machine designers a wider variety of standard in-stock components to choose from when quick installation, adjustment and removal is desired without the use of tools.
1 month ago
New industrial interface is easier to assemble
Harting has introduced the RJ Industrial MultiFeature series, an RJ industrial interface which is said to be "Significantly easier to assemble in the field as it no longer requires a separate tool".
1 month ago
Upgraded pressure sensors from SICK
SICK has upgraded its pressure sensor offering with the arrival of its multifunctional PBS Plus, combining electronic pressure control, measurement and real-time monitoring in a single IO-Link enabled device.
1 month ago
New spring hinge has new features
News from industrial hardware specialists Pinet is the arrival of a new rolled knuckle spring hinge with dual-function spring opening assistance, now available through FDB Panel Fittings.