Readychains and readycables: one supplier for an easy solution
With manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide, Igus reports that customers are increasingly turning to it for complete systems for their cables and connector requirements.
What are the design considerations when specifying lead screws?
The first in the new ‘Design • Engineer • Build’ series of video podcasts focuses on lead screws – components that are at the heart of countless engineering systems. We talk to Phil Jones at Abssac about the enduring popularity of these essential design products, and the design considerations in their specification.
iglidur coating put to the test
In this new video, the iglidur tribo coating from Igus is put to the test.
Smart technology prevents expensive downtime
In this video from Igus, you can get an introduction to the company’s i-sense technology and how effective it is in helping prevent downtime.
THR – through hole technology for the reflow oven
Schurter’s OGN fuse holder includes versions suitable for Through Hole Reflow soldering, providing increased efficiencies and reducing the risk of incorrect product placement by eliminating the need for a second soldering process.
Video highlights a raft of Igus new products and innovations
This new video from Igus looks back over the last 12 months with highlights of innovations, new designs and improved products that are used throughout the world in a variety of applications.
Smooth operation with Igus leadscrews
In this video, a simple application is shown using the leadscrew range from Igus combined with not only the high-performance polymer nut but also igubal flange bearings, energy chain and drylin motors.
TMI Group turns to Kawasaki for milling machine automation
Dutch integrator RFA Rijlaarsdam Factory Automation has installed a Kawasaki Robotics EMEA RS020N robot with an Okuma Benelux Genos M460V-5AX milling machine at TMI Group Nederland in Hengelo.
Two steps ahead with ctrlX AUTOMATION
Automation is software development today. With the ctrlX AUTOMATION toolkit, Bosch Rexroth has developed a completely new solution that drastically simplifies the industrial automation world and solves the real problems of the customers.
Robotic cables for demanding applications
The complex movements in industrial applications demand twistable cables with a long service life. The chainflex robotic cables from Igus have been specifically designed and tested for these requirements, making them the perfect solution.
Video highlights xiros ball bearings in several applications
A new video from Igus illustrates its xiros plastic ball bearings in a selection of application examples, from the automotive industry to conveyor systems.
Robotic pipe crawlers reaching the unreachable
When pipe measurement and inspection specialist OMS needed DC motors for its state-of-the-art robotic crawlers, it turned to Maxon.
Robotics made simple with Igus Apiro kit
Robotics doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, in this video, you can see how easy it can be using the Igus Apiro robotic kit.
Sick introduces flexible solution for guard locking
Different machines have different doors and flaps. With the flexLock safety locking device from Sick, you can solve all these applications, from large to small door radii.
Lenze launches NUPANO open automation platform
Lenze has launched a new open automation platform called NUPANO, offering a space for digital innovations for machines and systems, while also providing access to new business models – all without requiring any prior IT knowledge from the user.
Smart plastics prevent downtime on your robot
Breakdowns can be catastrophic in regard to time and money, especially on production lines where industrial robots are used. To ensure your robot stays in top working order, Igus now offers smart plastics solutions for robots.
Greaves 3D and Igus bring racing to students at Northampton university
Igus, Greaves 3D Engineering and the University of Northampton have come together to introduce the new racing simulator.
Contactless system monitoring for predictive maintenance
Igus is always striving to improve what moves and with its Smart Plastic range. Now it is going one step further, improving what moves before it breaks with predictive maintenance technology.
The different options for robot cable management
A new video from Igus runs us through a few cable management options for robots, showing robots set up with different systems and how they cope.
Low-cost automation for applications in laboratories
In this latest video Igus highlights the various applications that low-cost automation can be used within laboratories.

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