Stop unplanned downtime with pre-warning of failures
Downtime costs money. To help prevent this Igus has the i-cee:plus and you can see for yourself how simple and easy to system is in this video.
1500 Series wall and corner mounting enclosure
The versatile 1500 Series enclosure from CamdenBoss is suitable for wall and corner mounting due to its unique shape and purpose built 45 degree angle mounting bracket.
Igus components making your ride more comfortable
When you think of car seat, you probably don’t think of the components designed and used within the mechanism of that seat. Why would you?
Igus e-chains bring smooth motion to Mercedes simulator
Igus e-chains are used in a host of interesting applications, and in a new video the company shows them being used to move a Mercedes simulator in a smooth and uninterrupted way. Adding the smart plastics technology also helps eliminate unplanned downtime, saving the customer money.
Pick and place applications with low-cost robotics
Robotic pick and place applications are becoming increasingly popular within companies wanting to automate processes. These could be anything from simple movements to complex actions, but fundamentally they all need the same thing: to be smooth running. In this new video you can see how Igus products ranging from energy chains to linear gantries all work in harmony linked with the iRC, Igus Robot control. With an overhead camera mounted, this allows the software to accurately control the machines movements.
igus products feature in packaging machines
... and no maintenance required, states the company
Moving energy with igus chains
Cables are protected and can be changed fast
Shedding light on igus e-skin flat
Energy chain sheds its skin to reveal cable that needs replacing
Automation solutions and digital engineering in real-world use
Lenze offers its expertise on accelerating your process, explaining the digital transformation in mechanical engineering
ETP-HYLOC - with new ‘plug-and-play’ concept
ETP Transmissions' hydromechanical hub-shaft connection, with high torque and top concentricity, now available from ABSSAC
igus products help clean up railway’s image
On the right lines when travelling by train!
'Moving energy made easy!'
Horizontal, vertical or circular – all are possible, says igus
Grease is 'a thing of the past'
Grease is the dirty and costly way of lubricating bearings and moving parts, states igus
ABSSAC celebrates forty years as a leading supplier
ABSSAC, 40 this year, works closely with engineers to develop custom drive assemblies that meet their specifications and budgets
Accelerating your process with Lenze solutions
Digital transformation in mechanical engineering, driven from a single source
3D Printing goes large!
You can now print big… really big. Up to 3M with igus iglidur
maxon – data to the max!
Choosing a DC motor: comprehensive information given on each and every product
Exhibition stands from recycled energy chains!
igus is now recycling its energy chains in a circular way, reusing these in its own innovation display stands at exhibitions.
Showcasing triflex for the Fanuc Robot
Chains of freedom for industrial robots and cobots
Build or buy your ReBel cobot
Lubrication-free robot means ‘no contamination’, says igus

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