AC cable splitter from Zygology

Southco Range extension to its rotary latch range from Zygology offers further flexibility and design options

Available from fastening and assembly experts Zygology, Southco has added a cable splitter accessory to its range of rotary latch solutions. It allows multiple connected rotary latches to be triggered from a single actuation point. The AC Cable Splitter features built in adjustability and timed release, allowing more options in the design and integration of rotary latch systems into applications where remote latching is required.

Southco's AC Cable Splitter also provides great flexibility in the positioning of the actuation point: it allows two connected rotary latches to be activated by one actuator, or a single rotary latch to be activated by two actuators. Further, the Cable Splitter also provides a timed release facility, allowing one connected rotary latch to be triggered before another, or for both rotary latches to be released at the same time. Zygology says that this is useful in applications where (for example), a user would have two enclosures, lockers, entry doors, drawers et al connected with the AC cable splitter to a single actuator. When operated, either just the one or both of the latches can be activated depending on the pressure applied to the actuator. The cable splitter allows simple dual point locking with ‘push to close function’ applications to be designed with much greater ease says Zygology.

Southco's AC Cable Splitter is available from Zygology
Southco's AC Cable Splitter is available from Zygology

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