Accurate 8×7mm sensors for low-power IoT applications

Honeywell is announcing its new Amplified Basic Pressure (ABP) sensor, one of the smallest amplified digital pressure sensors in the industry, to help engineers design systems that fit on increasingly smaller and lower power devices. The ABP sensor features wet-media compatibility, as well as sleep mode and temperature output options, making it a versatile choice for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Measuring 8×7mm, the ABP sensor's small size will help engineers significantly save board space and reduce design and manufacturing costs, while maintaining enhanced performance and reliability of the systems they design.

The ABP sensors will be among the most accurate of their kind with a +/-1.5 per cent total error band (TEB), and capable of reading pressure ranges from 60mbar to 10bar, 6kPa to 1MPa and 1psi to 150psi. This will enable engineers to better optimise system performance by improving resolution and system accuracy.

Dan Herzog, product line director, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions, says: "Low-power systems and the "˜Internet of Things' are expanding into many industries. As a result, engineers have more pressure now to develop not just smarter, but smaller systems to fit these emerging trends. Our new amplified digital basic pressure sensors were designed to help engineers meet these aggressive design goals by saving valuable space and cost without compromising the end product's performance."

The release of the new ABP sensors expands Honeywell's Basic Pressure Sensors portfolio, which launched in 2012 and includes both uncompensated (NBP) and compensated (TBP) versions. The new ABP sensor will be the first amplified pressure sensor in this series that will simplify installation by minimising the need for additional components and engineering time to design the sensor into the application. The sensor is available in both analog and digital output I2C or SPI.

The new sensor's moisture sensitivity level of one will allow for unlimited shelf life when stored at <30degC/85 per cent RH. Under most storage conditions, this allows for the sensor to be soldered onto the PC-board without concerns about solder joint quality due to aging of the sensor terminals, minimising the concern about aging of the terminals prior to assembly to the PC-board.

For more information about the new Amplified Basic Pressure (ABP) sensor, visit

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