Advanced liquid level transmitter for sanitary tank gauging

MTS Sensors is extending its LP-Series of liquid level transmitters by introducing the Level Plus SoClean level transmitter. Based on the company's proprietary Temposonics magnetostrictive technology, these accurate and robust devices are targeted specifically at sanitary tank applications within the pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries - such as bottle filling, blending tanks, bioreactors, buffer mix tanks, etc. Their innovative 3-IN-1 measurement function allows product level, interface level and an average product temperature to all be simultaneously determined. They have a +/-1mm inherent position accuracy and a +/-0.1degC temperature accuracy.

SoClean liquid level transmitters are fitted with 15.9mm (5/8 in.) outer diameter (OD) rigid pipe. Four different mechanical end plugs are available to fit with individual customer needs, with a minimum measurement length down to 305mm (12 in.) and a maximum measurement length reaching 7620mm (300 in.) supported. NEC, CEC, ATEX, and IECEx approvals have been received for the Intrinsically Safe protection method. Each device features an integral display to maximise user convenience.

MTS liquid level transmitters are suitable for cleaning via steamed-in-place (SIP) or cleaned-in-place (CIP) processes. They are offered with Stainless Steel and Electropolished Stainless Steel wetted parts. Once they have been installed and calibrated, these devices do not require any scheduled maintenance or recalibration work. This presents customers with a "˜set it and forget it' system that minimises running costs.

Lee Aiken, Technical Marketing Manager at MTS says: "Our liquid level transmitters have served the sanitary markets for many years and with the introduction of the new SoClean product line we will be able to offer even greater performance capabilities to customers situated there. These units permit the monitoring inventory levels to the highest degree of precision, as well possessing key additional attributes like ease of use, rugged construction and low cost of ownership."

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