Airex introduces low-profile zero cogging linear motor

Airex Corporation is announcing the development of an ultra low-profile linear motor. The C12 Series is a 3-phase Zero cogging brushless linear servo motor for low-profile microscope stage and photonic applications. It can also operate as a single-phase voice coil motor for autofocus applications. It has a 12.7mm profile height, making it the among the smallest in the industry for an Ironless motor.

Precise position, velocity, and force control is possible in either mode. Features of the new motor include:

  • Operates as 3-φ Brushless Linear Servo Motor or 1-φ Voice Coil
  • Slim-Line construction (0.5" × 1.67") profile
  • Non-Cogging Ironless design
  • Continuous/Peak Force to: 42/112 N (9.4/25 lbf)
  • Maximum Bandwidth >> 100 Hz
  • Vacuum and Clean Room Options

The C12 Series low-profile linear motor is designed for use in the precision microscope stage, life science, photonic autofocus applications and semiconductor industries. For more information please visit

Airex Corporation

15 Lilac Lane
NH 03878

+1 603 841 2040

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