All-electric vacuum cup is easy to integrate

DE-STA-CO is launching the EcoCup electric vacuum cup for pick-and-place or workholding applications with flat, rigid, non-porous parts. With no need for an air supply, the EcoCups are easy to integrate, quiet and energy-efficient. They are also extremely fast (25ms), simple to maintain and free from the risks associated with airborne contaminants. The patent-pending device is described as 'the world's first electric vacuum cup'.

An optional mounting plate enables the EcoCup to be attached to a Scara robot. In either case, the 24V DC electrical connection is made via an industry-standard M12, four-pin connector. A further option is an M12 electrical connector with a rotating coupling.

The cup diameter is 41.3mm and the maximum load capacity is 0.45kg, though up to 1.81kg can be held if acceleration is limited. If heavier loads need to be moved, multiple EcoCups can be arranged in an array or any other pattern to suit the object to be moved.

Follow the link for more information, to view a short movie and to download datasheets for the EcoCup electric vacuum cup.


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