All-in-one wireless pushbutton and visual confirmation

Banner Engineering is announcing the SureCross Wireless Q45 Push Button with confirmation light, the latest addition to the company's line of wireless sensors. The Q45 push button model's bidirectional communication permits operators to send a digital signal with the push of a button and receive confirmation the signal has been received.

Bob Gardner, Senior Product Manager at Banner Engineering, says: "Wireless Andon, call for parts and other status indication systems just became easier to deploy and operate with the wireless Q45 push button model. By pushing a button on the device, operators are able to transmit a signal at their discretion and visually confirm the signal was successfully received without additional wiring or programming to a third device."

This self-contained wireless radio network can operate on a two-point, six-point or multi-point system; its noise immunity eliminates crosstalk, while network IDs allow multiple systems to co-exist. The device's frequency-hopping signal ensures secure data transfer. The Q45 push button has a line-of-site range of up to 3000 feet - enough to easily cover even very large factories. The Q45 pushbutton can run for up to 5 years on two AA lithium batteries, or it can be powered by a local 10-30V power supply. The battery option is suitable for applications that require the push button to be mobile or far from a local power source.

The push button model is part of Banner's SureCross DX80 wireless family, described as the world's first completely wireless I/O system. With hundreds of I/O models, it is powerful and flexible, and is suited for call for parts, call for service or remote monitoring and control.

Follow the link for more information about the SureCross Wireless Q45 Push Button model.

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