Heavy-duty conveyor system transports lead ingots

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EWAB Engineering has supplied a conveyor system for lifting lead ingots weighing up to 50kg each and delivering them to a furnace.

A new conveyor system for transporting lead ingots has just been delivered by EWAB Engineering to a customer in Sweden. The system, which is capable of delivering lead ingots of up to 50kg each to a refining furnace, was required for automation of the furnace charging process, eliminating the need for operator intervention.

By means of a guarded elevator and lifting system, the ingots are elevated (one at a time) 2m onto a roller conveyor and charged in to the refining furnace at a rate of one ingot per 40 seconds. Ingots of various sizes can be accommodated, from 300mm to 600mm in length.

A buffer of up to 20 ingots is accommodated, and this can be increased if necessary. The automation of the charging process has enabled operators to be reassigned away from the heavy charging operation, and it has reduced direct employee contact with the lead ingots.

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