Needle roller bearings selected for print machine application

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Engineers at XEROX have used Spyraflo FSN-8M-F self-clinching, self-aligning, 8mm diameter needle roller bearings in a new design of printing machine for short runs and on-demand printing.

A new range of digital production (printing) presses had to support a wide range of business needs where the machine capabilities can be expanded as the business grows. The innovative flexible print system from XEROX required self-aligning needle roller bearings to help achieve the demand for such high-quality printing.

When designing the print image mechanism, the engineers needed a bearing that could accurately transmit the drive to the looped-film mechanism, handle many film variables, as well as carry a significant load with no wear over many millions of print cycles. After considering other bearing options the engineers selected the Spyraflo FSN-8M-F self-clinching, self-aligning, 8mm diameter needle roller bearing. The ability of these bearings to accommodate misalignment and be securely mounted into the machine frame were key factors in the bearing selection.

Needle roller bearings - with their low coefficient of friction, high load-carrying capability and thin cross-section - are an excellent choice for a wide variety of demanding applications. Mounted in a self-clinch, self-align housing, the needle roller bearings are extremely versatile.

Micromech is the UK and Eire distributor for these bearings.

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