DVD vending machine features three-axis robot

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Hoerbiger Origa is supplying a customised three-axis robot to Instant DVD Sweden AB for use in vending machines for DVDs.

DVD vending machine features three-axis robotInstant DVD, a small but growing company in Borås, Sweden – has invented an internet-based concept for automatic renting of DVD films. When you are shopping in the high street - or on your way home from work – you stop by at the DVD kiosk, select your film, swipe your credit card and take the film. The film is returned by placing it in the same slot in the kiosk where you picked it the first time, or in any other kiosk belonging to the same rental company.

Late in 2004 Hoerbiger Origa was asked to develop and produce a low-cost and reliable compact robot unit to be fitted as a macro component in an already existing kiosk housing. Despite Hoerbiger Origa's wide range of modular linear drives, the specification demanded customised products. The management and engineers of Hoerbiger Origa in Sweden grabbed the challenge and started to use their experience in linear drives.

Early in 2005 Hoerbiger Origa provided an elegant design that fulfilled both the technical and the cost requirements. The X-, Y- and Z-axis in the robot were customised linear drives with motors fitted on the 'robot-door' and were functionally tested before the complete macro component was delivered. The successful system resulted in orders for several hundred units during 2005 and 2006.

Hoerbiger Origa is today delivering the linear drives to an automation company, Noldor AB, which assembles the robot system as well as the complete kiosk. The volumes are expected to grow further.

Instant DVD is successfully marketing the DVD kiosk concept in many countries and the automatic vending machines makes DVD films easily accessible for film lovers all over the world; it also provides an opportunity for shops and others to improve their businesses.

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