Conveyors use Driven Linear Systems for transfer stations

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A system integrator has used HepcoMotion Driven Linear Systems in its design for a modular conveyor system that handles 6million automotive components per year.

Conveyors use Driven Linear Systems for transfer stationsSupplying parts to automotive dealers generally demands next-day or same-day delivery; for one manufacturer this involves the order picking of between 4 and 6 million items per annum on an uninterrupted basis. Any breakdown of the system would be commercially catastrophic so, when designing a suitable conveyor system for the distribution centre, reliability had to be inherent.

The incorporation of HepcoMotion linear guidance systems in its design was a foregone conclusion for the system integrator, as it had already forged an exceptional working relationship with HepcoMotion. This integrator adopts a modular approach to its internal transport systems, as a spokesman explains: "In traditional designs the track layout of conveyor belts often represents a weak point. The smallest installation fault can become the source of continual problems and malfunctions. We found a cure for this by literally going back to the drawing board."

Everything in the transport concept is in standardised modules and always symmetrical, designed from the central axis. This eliminates right-hand and left-hand components and therefore it is impossible to assemble anything the wrong way round. It is only after a stable design has been achieved that the necessary drives and guide components are added.

Transfer stations

The resultant system for handling car parts contains 850m of conveyors, providing 17 inbound and five outbound lanes. At all of the transfer stations where crates are re-routed, identical stainless steel DLS Driven Linear Systems are employed with 0.37kW motors. The addition of intelligent frequency controllers extends system life and minimises any maintenance.

HepcoMotion has always sought reciprocal relationships with its customers. In this particular case, in return for linear motion expertise, the customer provides a valuable resource for any HepcoMotion application that involves servo and stepper motors technology. It is a win-win situation for all involved, as well as for potential customers requiring intelligent systems.

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