Scottish Power installs second MAXIGAS nitrogen generator

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A second Parker Domnick Hunter MAXIGAS nitrogen generator has recently been installed at Scottish Power's Lindholme facility to help the company cope with increased demand.

Scottish Power has recently expanded its nitrogen capacity with an additional MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generator from the Parker Domnick Hunter Industrial Division of Parker Hannifin. Scottish Power relies on a constant source of nitrogen for a variety of applications to ensure safety and quality; it has successfully operated a MAXIGAS106 generator for around 10 years in a purpose-built enclosure at its Lindholme site near Doncaster, UK. Due to continued success and growth, however, Scottish Power expanded this site and its nitrogen requirements increased.

Each MAXIGAS unit generates nitrogen from compressed air and is a safe, cost-effective alternative to other nitrogen gas sources due to an exceptionally low lifecycle ownership and the elimination of cylinder refills and associated charges. Additionally, MAXIGAS provides nitrogen at a controlled flow, pressure and purity.

A MAXIGAS110 model has now been installed to complement the existing equipment and meet the increased demands. With a production rate of 34m3/hr, purity rate of 2 per cent, a 500-litre buffer vessel and 2000-litre nitrogen storage vessels, the additional generator met Scottish Power's requirements.

Secondary benefits

Alan Penman, a representative from Scottish Power, comments: "We have been delighted with the performance of the upgraded package since installation. It has allowed us to operate the site with total confidence in our nitrogen supply and the systems' ability to meet all of the stringent demands."

The installation has now operated successfully for over twelve months and was carried out by Domnick Hunter engineers. The MAXIGAS110 now operates as the lead generator and the MAXIGAS106 functions as the back-up.

Penman continues: "An additional benefit of the upgrade means that we now have extra capacity and can use the MAXIGAS generators to supply 'purge' gas to the site's gas pipelines and vessels when preparing to break containment - eg when changing filters or inspecting vessels.

"Furthermore, servicing has minimal impact, as we have the ability to operate one generator while the other is being serviced. This reduces our reliance on bottle supplies and also offers added safety benefits, as personnel can now work with the equipment without exposure to high-pressure gas cylinders, regulators and hoses."

Additional Parker Domnick Hunter products such as filters are also operational throughout Scottish Power's Lindholme facility.

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