MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generators benefit tea/coffee supplier

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Parker Hannifin has supplied a MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generation system to a company packaging teas and coffees, resulting in benefits including improved running costs, reliability, purity and capacity.

An on-demand MAXIGAS nitrogen gas generation system, manufactured by the Parker Hannifin Industrial Division, is providing significant cost savings and increased efficiency at Ringtons, a specialist supplier of high-quality teas and coffees. Established in 1907, Ringtons has enjoyed continual growth and attributes its success to 'an unrivalled taste and freshness,' which is facilitated by a special modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) process. This process uses inert nitrogen to extend the shelf life of packaged products and, for many years, the company operated a membrane system to meet its nitrogen requirements. However, with hire charges of around £11,000 per year, plus additional gas costs, the company identified the opportunity to save costs and therefore selected a MAXIGAS nitrogen generator system.

Compact MAXIGAS generators produce nitrogen from compressed air via the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method using carbon molecular sieve (CMS) regenerative technology. Offering reliability, efficiency and a constant, controlled flow and pressure, the generators are cost-effective and are claimed to offer a low cost of ownership. The Factory Manager at Ringtons comments: "The decision to install the MAXIGAS nitrogen generators from Parker Hannifin was simple. The system offered us an on-demand supply with substantial benefits with regards to running costs, reliability, purity and capacity."

Installed in July 2007 at the Ringtons site in Longbenton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the nitrogen generators complement other Parker products that are also operational at the site, such as Oil-X Evolution and PNEUDRI compressed air filters and dryers, respectively.

The Factory Manager continues: "To-date we are extremely pleased with the generators, which were supplied to us by one of Domnick Hunter's key distributors, Airchannel."

MAXIGAS and MIDIGAS nitrogen gas generators are suitable for various applications in many industries and are backed by Parker Hannifin's global network of manufacturing, sales and customer support centres, providing full service, spares and applications expertise. Optional preventative maintenance contracts are also available.

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