Continuous linear motion system selected for window manufacture

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HepcoMotion has supplied its continuous linear motion system to Willi Stuertz Maschinenbau GmbH for use in automated machinery for the production of PVC-u window profiles.

Minimising cycle time to increase output and cut unit cost is the aim of automated production across all industrial sectors and PVC-u window manufacture is no exception. German automation specialist Willi Stuertz Maschinenbau GmbH has produced a swivel module that accommodates a full range of tools on a dedicated machining centre for the production of window profiles and, at its heart, is a robust continuous linear motion system supplied by HepcoMotion.

This innovative swivel system is now a feature of the Stuga ZX5-S cutting and machining centre that was developed primarily for the British market. It does the job of 20 conventional machine tools with fixed-angle tooling. Also, as each drilling and routing tool on the Stuertz system can be rotated through 360 degrees, only eight tools are required. Super-fast and accurate positioning of the rationalised tool set boosts productivity even further.

A HepcoMotion Heavy Duty ring forms the basis of this swivel system. Designed specifically for arduous rotary motion, this product was supplied as a single piece-construction, which is claimed to be a unique ability of HepcoMotion for diameters up to 1.8m.

The weight of each of the tooling stations is 25kg, requiring a total load capacity of 20kN. This is well within the limits of this Heavy Duty product from HepcoMotion, as it can support loads of up to 40kN. The life of the system was calculated on the basis of a 60rpm operating speed and 50 per cent duty cycle. Operating for eight hours a day, 250 days per year, the total distance travelled would be 7238km. This gave the ring an estimated life of nearly 12 years.

Stuertz specified 64mm diameter bearings for the new system, though bearings up to 150mm in diameter are available from HepcoMotion to suit even more demanding applications. All use double-row ball bearings and provide a high axial and radial load capacity. Each bearing has a chemically blackened, high-tensile steel screw and bush that makes installation simple, accurate and free from play.

HepcoMotion says it has now perfected the art of manufacturing ring segments whose quality ensures both concentricity and smooth running; the company claims that this makes it unique in its ability to provide rings of virtually any diameter.

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