Ring slide system specified for manually-operated display

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HepcoMotion has supplied a ring slide system to Paragon Creative for use on a manually-operated display unit for installation on a cruise ship.

Paragon Creative designs and manufactures display products that are able to withstand frequent use - and sometimes abuse - by the public. The company prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of creative and practical skills under one roof: it makes models, designs and builds interactives, murals, props and prototypes, and 'animates the inanimate.' While the markets for its products are diverse, a recent project for a major cruise ship company is a good example of its craftsmanship.

The brief was to design a 2.4m x 1.2m display for fixed installation onboard the ship. It is essentially a wheel, around the outer rim of which are listed all the 200+ names of the cruise ship's destinations, categorised by continent. Each location is allocated a number that corresponds to a point on the central globe of the world. The purpose of the display is to provide passengers with an easy point of reference to the scope of the ship's activity.

Although manually operated and of relatively simple construction, the display needed to satisfy important performance criteria. Literally central to the design is a HepcoMotion ring slide system that revolves around the 500mm diameter globe. HepcoMotion rings are more commonly incorporated into automated systems. However, when Paragon factored in the potential intensive public use of this ship's display and its need for smooth movement, the robust HepcoMotion product was judged to be suitable for the task.

Paragon's Director Mark Pyrah explains: "Positioning accuracy was not an issue for this application, as the wheel is turned by hand so the user can view the graphics. However, what was important is the ring's ability to run smoothly and provide a long, maintenance-free working life, despite its low cost."

HepcoMotion says it is unique in its ability to manufacture rings from 0.1m in diameter to 8m and beyond. Paragon Creative's requirement was for a commercial ring of a modest 1.2m in diameter. But, thanks to a new technique, large HepcoMotion rings can be assembled from segments while maintaining concentricity and smooth running of the finished product. This means virtually any diameter ring can now be specified.

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