Semiflex shaft couplings suit large parallel shaft offsets

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Semiflex shaft couplings, which are available through Abssac, are capable of transmitting torque through large and variable parallel shaft offsets - hence they are popular for applications such as roll forming machines to cope with variations in material thickness.

Semiflex shaft couplings suit large parallel shaft offsetsRoll forming machines are used in the building, construction, automotive, HVAC and appliance industries around the globe. The machines create holes, notches, embossed features or shear forms by punching in a roll forming line. Moreover, the roll forming process is continually being developed to increase efficiencies.

To achieve the variety of shape changes, roll forming often uses driven rollers. To drive the sheet material through the machines a high-torque shaft coupling has to be employed. This coupling has to be precise, torsionally stiff and, importantly, has to have exceptional parallel shaft offset capability. The parallelism between the driving and driven shafts is a dynamic requirement, as different thicknesses of material entering the process line alter the offset.

How the couplings work

Semiflex shaft couplings meet the challenge head on. These couplings are designed with two pairs of parallel links installed 90 degrees out of phase with each other. This arrangement allows for the precise transmission of torque and constant angular velocity between the shafts with relatively large parallel misalignments. Both shafts can adjust to each other in every radial direction, not only while at rest, but also dynamically during operation. Due to the design of the Semiflex coupling, no restoring forces are imposed on the shaft support bearings, thereby improving the longevity of the machine.

Employed in profiling systems for their overall compact design and excellent torque capacity, this type of shaft coupling also benefits from backlash-free split clamp-hubs that enable them to be assembled to the shafts with no need to dismantle and reassemble adjacent components – and no need to displace the connecting components axially.

Alternatively, Semiflex shaft couplings can be supplied with taper locking hubs to reduce the overall coupling length and for use in high shock load applications.

Nominal torque ratings ranging from 70 to 575Nm are available as standard, though models with a maximum torque capacity of up to 18,800Nm can be supplied to order.

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