Maintenance-free plastic bearings enable cost savings

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Maintenance-free plastic bearings from igus enable scientific equipment manufacturer to make significant cost savings, bringing reliable and long-life operation

Maintenance-free plastic bearings enable cost savingsA manufacturer of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment has been able to save more than £20,000 per year thanks to installing igus dryLin R linear bearings in analysers used in particle science research. The plastic bearings are lubricant free and, as a result, require no maintenance, thus enabling laboratories to operate efficiently and save significant costs.

Previously, the equipment manufacturer was using recirculating ball bearings; however, these required frequent maintenance and re-lubrication. igus’ comprehensive line of drylin R linear bearings and guide systems is dry running and does not require external oils or grease. This is an important feature for medical laboratories as it keeps the environment free of any contaminants. They are also corrosion resistant, which makes them a good choice for the sterile environments where analysers are used.

The scientific equipment is essential for determining the physical characteristics of powders and solid materials in areas such as pharmacology, cosmetics, nanotechnology, and polymer science. Physisorption and chemisorption analysers are designed to deliver consistent and reliable determinations related to surface area, pore structure, and active metals for quality control and R&D applications. drylin R linear bearings are specifically used in the analyser’s elevator unit to facilitate the up and down motion of either the cooling bath or furnace during the sample analysis process.

Matthew Aldridge, director at igus, says: “We are delighted that our bearing solution is enabling scientific equipment manufacturers to save significant costs. The reliable plastic bearings provide long life, enabling laboratories to operate efficiently.”

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