Collaboration solves cartoning machine vision challenge

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Vision Systems Integrator Olmec-UK has worked in close collaboration with the Italian packaging machine specialist, Marchesini, to develop a vision system to solve a complex packaging inspection problem for a customer in the healthcare industry

The Marchesini Group has been manufacturing cartoning machines since 1976 and has grown to become an international manufacturer of a wide range of industrial packaging machines. Marchesini’s UK Sales Manager, Andy Long explains: “The Marchesini Group was commissioned to build a cartoning machine for a leading supplier of healthcare products in the UK that required a number of different contents to be included in the final package. One of these components was produced by a third party, already packaged in its own plastic packet, and we needed to verify that this component was the correct one to accompany the product in the carton as well as being checked for defects.”

Marchesini worked in partnership with vision systems integration specialist Olmec-UK to work with them on the project. Andy Long says: “We were impressed not only with Olmec’s vision expertise which allowed them to come up with an innovative solution to the inspection challenge, but also their understanding of how to integrate the system into our machine. We worked very closely together, and Olmec were happy to send engineers to Italy to work with us on the successful testing and commissioning of the final system.”

Olmec-UK Technical Director, Robert Pounder, says: “This was a really interesting project for us and we were very grateful for Marchesini’s extremely professional approach to the collaboration. They provided us with ready access to all the information we needed to integrate the vision system into their machine, and they did everything to make the testing phases run smoothly. We look forward to working with Marchesini on future projects.”

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