B-Hornet military servo for high-power burst applications

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A servo drive that packs an explosive punch is now available from INMOCO, the precision motion specialist of Daventry

Built by Elmo Motion Control, the B-Hornet is an enhancement of their standard Hornet servo drives for applications requiring very high-power pulses from a very compact package. The ultra-compact B-Hornet, boosts the standard 20A/120V Hornet to 40A/120V and can deliver bursts of power in excess of 4kW. Originally developed for military applications such as winglets, unmanned aerial vehicles, gimbals and turrets, it has found find civil uses in applications such as robotics, packing machinery, materials handling and medical equipment.

Based on Elmo’s SimplIQ technology, the B-Hornet is also capable of operating in position, velocity and current modes and contains a wide range of feedbacks and I/O options. It weighs only 50g (1.8oz) and is ultra compact in size, yet is built to withstand the sort of environmental conditions expected in combat.

The drive operates on DC power and, as a PCB-mounted device, enables efficient and cost-saving implementation. It is designed so that its conversion of electrical power to motive force is so efficient that there is negligible heat generation, reducing the need for thermal management.

Programming is via Elmo Composer software, which is designed for user-friendliness so it is easy to set up, configure and tune. Similarly, performance analysis is designed with ease of use as a key factor.

The B-Hornet can be used where space limitation is an issue and operational conditions are harsh, but where top performance is an absolute necessity, says INMOCO. It is available in several versions, including single-, two-, three- and four-axis configurations, meets stringent military standards (such as MIL-STD-810) and is delivered ready-to-use.

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