Loctite anaerobic adhesives help bring in the harvest

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New Holland’s twin rotor technology has broken new ground in combine harvester performance. Indeed, the high throughput capacity made possible by this development won the company a Guinness World Record when its CR9090 model cut 551 tons of grain in just eight hours

Loctite anaerobic adhesives help bring in the harvestEfficiency and reliability are clearly the twin objectives in New Holland’s combine harvester design, and this is where Henkel’s Loctite anaerobic adhesives continue to make an important contribution. New Holland uses Loctite to support critical bolt connections throughout the machines’ operating life, during which they are exposed to acute and lasting vibration.

One of the most severely stressed components in the high-performance 600 horsepower combine harvesters is the twin rotor thresher. To secure its bolts, New Holland uses Loctite 270 threadlocker. As the bolts are hard to access to re-tighten on the finished vehicle, this application ensures they will withstand the extreme vibration caused by the threshing action during harvesting, a process that can span many weeks.

A central gear drives the two 2.5m long thresher rotors and here New Holland engineers use Loctite 638, an anaerobic high strength adhesive, in assembling the shaft hub joints. With the help of an activator, the adhesive cures rapidly and securely fixes the central gear in readiness for arduous operation.

Many important combine harvester components are moved and controlled by hydraulics. In this application area Loctite 542 is used in the assembly of the hydraulic system to prevent any leaks, even under the harshest of conditions. By ensuring that the machines run smoothly, this Loctite thread sealant plays a key role in the high degree of mechanisation in today’s agriculture.

Loctite anaerobic products are not only chosen for their technical advantages but also their ability to optimise the assembly processes. The Loctite 515 flange sealant, for example, is used during pre-assembly for the efficient and cost-effective protection of the axle bearings against moisture from the washing process. This saves time and costs without compromising the reliability of components.

An indication of the importance that New Holland attaches to adhesive technology in its manufacturing process, is the involvement of Henkel in its in-house, employee training centre. It is the only supplier to be invited to be part of the regular training schedule, but the partnership has resulted in a workforce that is well acquainted with Loctite adhesive technology and its optimal method of application.

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