Custom multi-beam coupling developed for rocket launcher

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A combination of extreme heat, dust and combustion debris is not the best working environment for any coupling. But it proved ruinous for the initial brand that was specified for a position sensing system on a truck-mounted missile launcher.

These conditions created a viscous mass that resulted in the coupling becoming completely solidified. Repeated failure of the brand was the outcome and Huco Dynatork was asked to propose a solution. The coupling specialist was suited to the task for two reasons. Many of its products have a proven track record for reliable operation in very aggressive environments. And as a manufacturer of the broadest variety of coupling types on the market, it was able to provide a custom-design that was optimally suited to the needs of this defence application.

The result was a purpose-made coupling based on the Huco Dynatork standard 19mm diameter stainless steel Multi-Beam. This intrinsically balanced product has proved itself a highly cost-competitive method of accommodating any combination of axial motion and angular and parallel misalignment. Its compact one-piece construction has no wearing elements to compromise service life.

Huco Dynatork continues to invest heavily in its production methods, not only to provide quality assured couplings at a good price but also to allow the cost-efficient manufacture of non-standard products. This ability enabled the company to produce economically, a stretched version of its 6-beam Multi-Beam for the rocket launcher positioning system.

As well as being nearly double the standard length, the Multi-Beam design was also modified to accept a specially moulded neoprene gaiter. This key element effectively shields the beam mechanism from debris attack. The adapted Multi-Beam proved to be fit for purpose, and was swiftly retrofitted to a fleet of armoured launch vehicles.

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26 November 2012

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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