PressureFab invests in ESAB welding plant and equipment

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PressureFab Group of Dundee is a supplier of equipment for the offshore oil & gas industry as well as fabrications for the renewable energy market. The company’s success to date is built on the quality of its finished products. Quality welding is a critical element of the company’s production programme and to achieve the high standards required, PressureFab Group is both replacing existing welding plant and extending its welding facilities by making significant investment in ESAB welding equipment.

PressureFab invests in ESAB welding plant and equipmentPressureFab Group’s offshore containers and filtration systems are manufactured to rigorous industry standards including DNV 2.7-1, DNV2.7-3, BS EN 12079 and PD 5500. Operating from its 11,000m2 facility, the company has in-house design, fabrication and industrial coating facilities. PressureFab Group’s audited quality system supports 100 per cent material traceability, essential to meet the strict requirements of the certifying bodies operating in the offshore oil and gas industry, such as Lloyd’s Register and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Initial investment in ESAB welding technology came some 18 months ago with the specification of ESAB OK Aristorod 12.50 solid welding wire in 250kg Marathon Pacs for MAG welding of non-alloyed steels and well suited to the type of welding undertaken by PressureFab Group. Eight Origo MIG 340 Pros, step-controlled power sources for MIG/MAG welding, were purchased over the coming months as the company became increasingly confident in the quality of weld that could be produced and also recognised the high levels of the technical support provided by ESAB.

2012 has seen the acquisition of 15 ESAB Origo MIG 4004i air-cooled electronic-controlled MIG/MAG/MMA lightweight multi-process inverter-based welding packages. They are designed for high productivity welding, and with their high duty cycle are suitable for PressureFab Group’s long runs. Origo Feed 3004 MA23 electronically controlled wire feed units and 5m of interconnections have also been purchased.

Technical back-up

Managing Director Hermann Twickler has recognised the benefits of dealing with ESAB, saying: “ESAB is a leading global brand, offers excellent warranties and technical back-up throughout the world. The product features of the Origo MIG 4004i’s were also important in terms of their compact design, simple operation, functionality and easy to read displays. Their welding performance in the type of fabrication work we undertake – typically on carbon steel to subsea specification – is critical. With continuous welding, it is easy to switch between settings and the inverter technology ensures high performance. The light weight wire feeders also help us to weld freely in and around the containers we are manufacturing”

PressureFab Group is also extending its business beyond the traditional oil & gas industry, and has moved into the renewable energy market with the fabrication of products such as towers and foundations for wind turbines. The company recently exhibited at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Offshore Windpower Conference & Exhibition in Virginia Beach during October 2012. Mr Twickler concludes: “As far as welding technology is concerned we see ESAB as being able to meet our future requirements in this industry too.”

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