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Ease of integration was one reason cited by Jordan Valley Semiconductors for its selection of a HepcoMotion stainless steel ring segment and bearings, but of equal importance was the cost efficiency of the product.

Standard stainless steel ring segment is cost efficientUnlike other manufacturers, HepcoMotion does not classify its stainless steel products as ‘special’. Stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials are offered within the HepcoMotion standard product programme so they carry no premium cost and their supply is not subject to extended lead times.

Jordan Valley Semiconductors is a world leader in X-ray metrology. Indeed 25 per cent of the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers rely on this Durham-based company for front- and back-end applications, including the development of next-generation thin film.

The standard Jordan Valley high-resolution XRD system for which the company specified the HepcoMotion stainless steel ring segment is the QC-Velox, designed for ultra high-throughput, mass production operation. The segment is a major component in an orientation axis which, in turn is part of a multi-axis stage, and needless to say reliable operation was another key purchasing criterion.

Circulation and continuous motion is a field in which HepcoMotion is renowned. The company was the originator the ring and track concept. And the development of manufacturing techniques and continued investment in new technology enables it to provide the utmost flexibility in system design.

The stainless steel segment ordered by Jordan Valley Semiconductors has hardened V edges for wear resistance. It was specified with stainless steel bearings whose special raceway conformity and low radial clearance are suited to ring slide applications.

All elements are standard choices within the HepcoMotion PRT2 range, an extensive product programme that allows designers to achieve an almost limitless variation of open paths and closed circuits.

Although Jordan Valley Semiconductors considered other linear motion system suppliers, HepcoMotion was the clear front runner from the start as it was able to supply a quality, stainless steel ring segment at an attractive price and in a short time frame. These are attractive qualities for any company whose products are ultimately destined for clean room application.

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