iglidur plastic bearings used for underwater applications

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Quality Boat Lifts is using iglidur plastic plain bearings from igus on lifts used by residential and commercial marinas, and private owners, to remove boats from the water. The leading boat lift company offers seven different maintenance-free boatlift devices such as the ALUM-A-VATOR, which meets 40-year industry standards, and its rugged, industrial grade Superlift. Quality Boat Lifts where looking for a reliable bearing that they could use in the direct-cable winding drive shaft, which raises and lowers boats in and out of the water.

iglidur plastic bearings used for underwater applicationsUnlike metal and bronze bushings, igus bearings do not corrode. This is due to their high-performance polymer design, which makes them suitable for this underwater application. Both of the lifts use iglidur P, which was chosen for its low moisture absorption, low wear rates and high load capacity. Each lift uses between 10 and 20 iglidur bearings, which handle the axial loads encountered by the ALUM-A-VATOR and Speedlift — which range from 2 to 30 tonnes — with ease. Each iglidur P bearing is also unaffected by the radial loads of 450kgs encountered during the operation of the boatlifts.

Another advantage for Quality Boat Lifts is the elimination of maintenance for its customers as a result of using iglidur P. The company had been employing a bearing block in its lifts, which required regular greasing. This task was very difficult for customers and often unsafe, as the maintenance routine required boaters to climb on top of the unit. The grease also contaminated the water and was not environmentally friendly. Lubrication-free iglidur bearings eliminate these problems.

Riku Ylipelkonen, chief engineer for Quality Boat Lifts, says: “There were a number of challenges to deal with while searching for a bearing: salt water, mineral deposits, gunk — pretty much anything that is floating in the water can get into the lift and affect the components. iglidur bearings withstand all these elements and also deliver low wear. Our lift design, combined with the impressive performance of iglidur, enables us to offer the only entirely maintenance-free boatlifts in the industry.”

igus’ range of iglidur plastic bearings are a convenient, cost-effective alternative to bronze, metal-backed and custom injection-moulded bearings. They are resistant to dirt, dust chemicals and UV rays. With more than 8000 bearing styles and sizes from stock, igus offers bearings for every application. For more information visit the website at:

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