Machine design for bundling cables with synchronised motion

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A manufacturer wanted to produce a new machine design for bundling cables and the challenges for Yaskawa were many-fold. They needed synchronised motion between axes to eliminate push-bar skewing, binding and smooth transition from position control to force control. They also required replacement of a pneumatic system but without high cost and had to be scalable and easy to commission.

This OEM makes a variety of equipment mainly serving the material-handling industry. This application required 5 axes of servomotors fitted to linear actuators which bundled wires together to be wrapped into a cable harness. Through a simple I/O interface, the operator selects one of several closed position targets based on the number of wires in the bundle and then selects a force set-point through additional digital inputs. During the move to the closed position the 5 axes are geared together to smoothly position the 7.5m-long bundling bar across the work surface without skew or binding. After reaching the target position the MP2300Siec controller switches to torque control mode for all 5 axes to generate a final, specific force on the captured bundle of wires. After the manual operation to create the bundle, the controller switches back to a geared position mode and returns the bundling bar to the start position.

The system achieved performance of positioning accuracy of +/- 0.025mm and force accuracy of +/- 0.25kg. The differentiating solution features included an auto-tuning servo amplifier, gearing and torque control modes, and most importantly IEC 61131-3 programming environment.

This resulted in a simple and familiar environment which eases implementation time, substantially reduces project risk and has successfully improved performance. This has resulted in a saving of commissioning time, an improved system response, an improvement in throughput, reduced product damage and in addition it has prevented mechanism skew and binding.

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