Precision ring track simplifies new turret mechanism

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For the label converting and finishing machinery manufacturer, A B Graphic International, the availability of an off-the-shelf ring track system allowed its designers to create a far more cost-efficient mechanism for its new turret rewinder module. In place of a complex centre shaft arrangement to carry the turret disc, a HepcoMotion PRT2 precision ring track system was specified instead. And not only did it simplify the mechanism, it also introduced other design advantages

Precision ring track simplifies new turret mechanismA B Graphic is the market leader in fully modular digital converting, inspection- and turret rewinding. It also produces machines for many specialist applications including RFID insertion, laser die cutting, booklet labelling and camera inspection. The machine range for which the turret rewinder was developed is the Digicon Series 2, whose modular construction allows each machine to be custom built.

The turret option allows for non-stop rewinding of label rolls at the end of the finishing processes. It automatically cuts the material and re-applies it to the new rewind mandrel. As roll changing is automatic, productivity is assured, and as the finishing processes run continuously, waste is virtually eliminated. Another optional unit can also be added which automatically applies glue to the cardboard cores.

HepcoMotion’s PRT2 carries two mandrels that are mounted on the ring. When one mandrel is full, the turret rotates 180 degrees so the next mandrel can be rewound. A B Graphic specified its PRT2 with a gear cut option as it provides an easy means of direct driving on the circumference of the turret disc.

Indeed, the more positive and rigid drive that this arrangement provides is essential to the high performance of the unit. Design Engineer Mike Adams explains: “On the forerunner of this rewinding system, we used a belt drive to the centre shaft which created a less positive drive. The drive needs to be as positive as possible as movement can create web tension variations when indexing.”

The HepcoMotion PRT2 is a second-generation continuous motion system that provides an exceptional choice of components, sizes and options, many of which are available ex-stock. Elements from this range are now used by manufacturers throughout the world to create a limitless variation of open paths and closed circuits. For A B Graphic its HepcoMotion PRT2 also provides other important benefits. As the PRT2 supports the disc around the circumference it there leaves a hollow centre which accommodates the rewind drive input and air supply to the mandrels. The previous centre shaft arrangement could not provide such a neat design.

Mike Adams concludes: “The new mechanism also required less structural support and mounting the turret disc accurately to the machine face plate is easier too. The PRT2 is a good product at a competitive price. I know of no other product like it.”

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