Profiling machine manufacturer uses Precision Ring Track system

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Dewsbury-based machine builder Techserv Cutting Systems Ltd is using the PRT2 Precision Ring Track system from HepcoMotion to provide vital competitive gain in the marketplace for CNC gas cutting and profiling systems. The PRT2 allows users of these machines – which deploy three automatic rotating torches that prepare bevels for weld preparation – to adjust the angle of the torches at the control without the need for any additional and time-consuming set-up procedures.

Profiling machine manufacturer uses Precision Ring Track systemEstablished in 1986, Techserv supplies gas, plasma and waterjet CNC cutters to subcontractors and OEMs the world over. Its machines are used to produce everything from garden mowers and farm machinery through to bridges and aircraft carriers.

Exporting worldwide, the company’s gas cutters are designed for long, trouble-free service in harsh industrial environments. They can be supplied with cut areas of up to 6m wide by 25m long with multiple tool options. Among many stand-out features is the automatic three-torch rotating bevel heads for weld preparation.

Techserv’s Managing Director Mike Cowley explains: “Traditionally, the adjustment of the cutting angle for weld bevel preparation involves a manual set-up procedure. However, when cutting thick materials, users require variable bevel angles – say between 20, 35 and 45 degrees. At Techserv we’ve devised a way to help them achieve this easily and quickly.”

The facilitating technology is HepcoMotion’s PRT2 Precision Ring Track, a friction-free, debris-tolerant system that combines ring segments and straight slides to achieve an almost limitless variation of open paths and closed circuits.

Mr Cowley says: “The advantage PRT2 offers Techserv users is that the end point of the torch is at the centrepoint of the ring section. As a consequence, our machines offer the ability to change the bevel angle for weld preparation at the control panel through the simple twist of a knob. At the same time, because PRT2 is a ready-made, bolt-on solution, it enables us to make bevel heads for our gas cutters very quickly.”

Linear motion system

Techserv also exploit the advantages of HepcoMotion’s GV3 linear motion system, albeit in fewer numbers. Mr Cowley says: “Not only is the GV3 system proven for use in rugged operating environments, it is competitively priced too. We need a ready-machined surface so we can simply bolt our components together. Getting a beam machined demands additional and time-consuming resources, whereas using an aluminium extrusion in combination with the GV3 system not only gives us the repeatability we require, it keeps lead-times short – a vital competitive advantage. Once a customer places a machine order, the expectation is always for delivery in the shortest possible time.”

Robust build quality to withstand hostile environments is a standard feature of the GV3 linear motion system. Its all-steel slideway is three times stiffer than composite aluminium systems. Furthermore, one of the major benefits of the GV3’s ‘V’ principle is its self-cleaning action that eliminates contamination in the slideway, while its inherently low friction means it thrives in high-speed conditions where prolonged accuracy is also required.

Mr Cowley concludes: “It’s of huge benefit to Techserv and our customers that we use as many standard parts as possible. From a cost perspective it means we don’t need to stock as many spares here at Dewsbury, as HepcoMotion will have them. In turn, this represents lower cost of ownership for Techserv users.”

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