High load combined bearings specified for world trade centre hub

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The extensive Winkel range of high load combined bearing systems has been an important element of the HepcoMotion product programme for many years. These products are widely used in the manufacturing industry for heavy duty applications but their ability to withstand very high radial and axial loads is now finding favour in other sectors too. One of those is architectural engineering, as a new project at the World Trade Centre Transportation Hub in New York demonstrates.

High load combined bearings specified for world trade centre hubWinkel bearings and U-profiles have been specified for this iconic, three billion dollar building that is being constructed on the site of the World Trade Centre that was destroyed in 2001. They are essential elements in a retractable roof system that is one of most striking features of this beautiful building designed by the Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava.

The roof is made from glazed steel ribs that are designed to represent the wings of a bird. To allow natural sunlight to flood the building the roof can be opened by up to 10m, and this movement is guided by Winkel. These products will create a robust and durable guide track, able to withstand the extreme loads involved.

In total the order comprises 224 Winkel bearings with flange plates and 445m of U-profiles; and to protect the bearings from the elements, all have a special anti-corrosion coating.

Winkel GmbH is justifiably proud to play its part in such an historic and innovative project. The company secured the order through the products’ ability to tolerate enormous static and dynamic loads, their long service life and the ease with which they can be installed and replaced.

This highly prestigious use of linear motion and combined bearing products is however just one example of how industry-proven systems are now being specified in the architectural sector for the actuation of doors, windows and gates. In addition to its Winkel range, HepcoMotion has several products that are now commonly specified by building and glazing contractors for this purpose.

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