Adhesives cut costs and turnaround time, and improve aesthetics

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Joker FX has found that using Loctite structural adhesives instead of traditional joining methods such as welding has enabled it to cut turnaround time from six weeks to as little as 24 hours, while also reducing costs, improving aesthetics and still providing durable joints.

Adhesives cut costs and turnaround time, and improve aestheticsJoker FX, a manufacturer of visual communication displays and outdoor signs, faces a number of challenges as part of its design brief. The company's products need to be strong, durable, paintable and able to withstand outdoor elements – all while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Using Henkel's Loctite adhesives has helped transform Joker FX's manufacturing process. Previously operating on a six-week turnaround, the company can now complete projects in as little as 24 hours – thanks to the impact of Loctite instant and structural adhesives. Pierre Knobbs, Joker FX's president, states: "It is pretty safe to say that Loctite has enabled us to become the company that we are today."

For Joker FZ, Loctite adhesives provide design advantages, improve overall product performance, enhance appearance, save assembly time and reduce overall costs. The adhesives provide strong, durable bonds that are excellent for manufacturers like Joker FX requiring products capable of withstanding tough environments and still looking great.

One of Joker FX's challenges was finding a means of joining metal that is too thin to weld. Loctite provided the answer: reliable, quick, durable bonding with structural adhesives.

Pierre Knobbs comments: "We can use really thin materials that can never be welded because they would be deformed. We do not look at that any more. We bond it."

At Joker FX, Loctite 4090 hybrid adhesive has opened the door for other new applications. For instance, when creating outdoor brochure holders with a clear window, the company uses Loctite 4090 to bond acrylic to aluminium because it cures quickly, does not cause any blooming effect on the window and can withstand outdoor elements.

Further innovative bonding adopted by Joker FX include the use of Loctite structural adhesives to join aluminium parts, and Loctite instant adhesives for ensuring dimensional letters bond to display assemblies.

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