Miniature motors replace pneumatics in robotic hand

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Shadow is using miniature electric motors from maxon in its next-generation robotic hand, replacing the air muscles that were previously used.

Miniature motors replace pneumatics in robotic handShadow designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands and related systems. In this short video, the Managing Director, Rich Walker, talks about the company, its relationship with maxon motor uk, and how maxon's were the only motors Shadow could find that had the necessary power in such a compact envelope.

Shadow applies robotics technology to solve real-world problems for people. The company is best known for designing and manufacturing state-of-art anthropomorphic robot hands like the Shadow Dextrous Hand, which is sold globally for use by clients in cutting-edge research and industry. Shadow has a wealth of experience in design, development and production of robots, solving difficult problems with new robotic systems.

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