Parker’s GVM electric motor supports TT event record speed

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The Automation Group of Parker Hannifin saw its GVM electric motor technology help Victory Racing achieve an impressive second place overall in the recent Isle of Man zero-emission TT Zero race for electric superbikes.

Parker’s GVM electric motor supports TT event record speedThis was the second year that Parker’s GVM motor has powered Victory Racing’s machines. The optimised unit helped the bike, ridden by William Dunlop, build on last year’s achievements by registering the highest top speed for an electric superbike of 159.8mph, and beating the team’s 2015 time by 44 seconds. Average speed was almost 116mph.

The TT Zero race is held over a single lap of the near 38 mile iconic road circuit. The GVM electric motor was also used by two other teams in this year’s event.

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