How to achieve maximum rotation for a machine tool

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Winning the silver vector award in 2016, Fidia SpA is a world leader in the design and production of high-performance integrated milling systems, primarily used in the manufacturing of moulds and dies for the automotive and aerospace industries.

How to achieve maximum rotation for a machine toolIn a video from igus we see a novel energy supply system for the 7th axis of a machine tool, which previously used unguided cables. By integrating the multi-rotation module (MRM) from igus, rotational movements of up to 720 degrees are achieved. It also allows a fast rotation of 180deg/s and acceleration of 30deg/s² with extremely fast changes in direction.

A particular benefit for Fidia was that the MRM was delivered completely pre-assembled and harnessed by igus, all that was required was for it to be attached to the machine tool and connected up.

Applications for this year’s vector awards can be submitted online (, by filling in a simple form with a design brief and description of the energy chain application. Supporting photos and videos can also be uploaded.

To watch the video, which shows the MRM in operation, please visit:

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