How igus turned a child’s buggy into an all-terrain vehicle

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When a pushchair designer came up with the clever idea of making the wheels detachable so that it could fit in the boot of reasonably priced car, only half a job was done.

How igus turned a child’s buggy into an all-terrain vehicleigus has produced a video in which a disgruntled mother complains about the grease exuding from the wheels’ bearings and spreading all over the place. And, what should have been something easy required her to carefully wrap each of the wheels in a plastic bag for protection of the bearings and the contents of her boot.

As the original greased plastic bearings were fairly easy to remove, they were re-engineered out of iglidur and replaced – no more grease!

An added benefit is that, because the new bearings are resistant to dirt, the mother is now able to take the all-terrain pushchair wherever she wants…. on the beach and even through muddy puddles… without fear of the bearing failing and having to carry her child all the way back to the car.

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