Line-scan camera and telecentric lens for surface inspection

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Automation W+R has developed a surface inspection system that utilises machine vision components from Stemmer Imaging.

Line-scan camera and telecentric lens for surface inspectionStemmer Imaging has produced a short video that explains how the new bonNDTinspect surface inspection system from Automation W+R works.

The bonNDTinspect system is based on a patent held by Fraunhofer IFAM. It uses an ultrasonic atomiser to apply an aerosol of ultra-pure water to the surface of a component. These droplets are used to highlight if there are any surface contaminants, such as fingerprints or release agent, that would hinder the bonding of surface coatings. If there are any contaminants, these can be seen more easily because of the way the water droplets are distributed on the surface being inspected.

Stemmer Imaging supplied a monochrome GigE line-scan camera from the Teledyne Dalsa range, together with a telecentric lens form Sill Optics. Illumination is provided by means of special dome lighting developed by Automation W+R. In terms of software, the system uses Stemmer Imaging's Common Vision Blox and Automation W+R's VisionCheck, both running on an industrial PC.

In the video, the entire bonNDTinspect system is demonstrated being manipulated by a six-axis robot, which would enable non-flat surfaces to be inspected.

Follow the links to watch the video about the bonNDTinspect surface inspection system and for more information about machine vision components from Stemmer Imaging.

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