KEB servo gear motor ensures safe use of mobile manipulator

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RSH Automation, which is based in Haiger, Germany, has more than 20 years of experience in the development of custom automation. Among its activities, the company builds manipulators for engine parts for a well-known German manufacturer. Central to the manipulators are geared motors and drive technology from KEB Automation.

KEB servo gear motor ensures safe use of mobile manipulatorAndreas Jung, sales engineer at KEB Automation, explains: "The rotary motion of the face plate is realised by a compact servo gear motor, which enables a large speed setting range and a high speed constancy."

The geared motor originates from KEB's motor development and production in Schneeberg, Germany. The motors are selected and implemented using the KEB-Drive software tool.

The stroke axis moves as a trapezoidal screw drive, enabling the working height to be adjusted when using a wide variety of workpiece geometries. In order to ensure ergonomic working in all necessary positions, the face plate can be swivelled up to 130 degrees from the horizontal position. Workpieces up to a component weight of one tonne are safely carried.

Andreas Jung says: "Thanks to our system, the concept is also scaleable to different machine sizes, which saves our customers further time."

Günter Schirmuli, Managing Director at RSH Automation, states: "Starting with our product idea, through the necessary design of the drive system and product selection, to the support during commissioning, we have worked very closely with KEB."

The manipulators are moved by a bevel-helical geared motor with an integrated Combistop spring-applied brake. An integrated brake handling system in the KEB Combivert S6 servo drive – or in the Combivert F5 as used in this application – enables safe load transfer, independent of the component weight and from any position.

Due to the mobile design, the RSH system can be variably integrated into various manufacturing processes. For internal transport, the manipulator has integrated impellers combined with a pluggable pulling device. Hans-Peter Röllke, fellow Managing Director at RSH Automation, states: "The engineers and technicians at KEB provide optimal support for us when it comes to the drive equipment of our plants."

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