30 years of supplying ESAB products to Armultra

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ESAB and their distributor partner for East Anglia, Elmdale Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd, have been supporting Armultra Ltd, a specialist welding contractor and fabricator, for 30 years. Armultra is expanding rapidly and welding processes are critical to its success, so the company has nurtured a close relationship with ESAB and Elmdale for the supply of welding equipment, consumables and technical services.

30 years of supplying ESAB products to ArmultraArmultra has been operating from Great Yarmouth since 1985 and, today, it is a global player, with highly skilled welders working throughout Europe and further afield, particularly where offshore oil and gas facilities are operating. As well as the offshore industry, Armultra also specialises in renewables, the maritime industry, pipework, refrigeration, petrochemicals and vessels. However, the common denominator is that welding is the main discipline in virtually every project in which Armultra is involved. Currently enjoying rapid growth, Armultra has a turnover of £14 million and a staff of around 140 – and both of these figures have approximately doubled in the last two years. In order to keep up with increasing demand from its expanding customer base, Armultra has been working closely with its suppliers, particularly Elmdale and ESAB.

One substantial contract Armultra won recently was for the Bacton Gas Terminal on the English east coast. With most of its welding equipment already committed to work on other contracts, Armultra placed an order with Elmdale for eight ESAB Warrior heavy-duty multi-process welding power sources and wire feeders, and eight ESAB Origo 3000i Tig welding machines. Tom Beales, a Director at Armultra, explains the reasoning behind this order: “We have been using ESAB machines for at least 30 years and they have proven to be high-quality, robust, reliable and fairly priced. Furthermore, we keep using our machines for as long as we reasonably can, and we can still get spares for ESAB machines even when they are five or six years old.

“Elmdale has proven to be a great supplier. As well as ESAB welding machines, they also supply ESAB consumables and PPE. We always go to Elmdale for technical support in relation to welding processes, and they are first-class if we ever need welding machines serviced or repaired – though repairs are seldom necessary for ESAB machines!”

Rugged and highly reliable

ESAB’s Warrior machines were developed using feedback from expert welders with a concern for reliable operation, minimal downtime and maximum welding productivity. They are rugged, highly reliable welding power sources suitable for use in harsh welding environments. Warrior machines can perform MIG/MAG, flux-cored wire (FCW), manual metal arc (MMA) and Tig welding tasks, as well as arc gouging. The Origo Tig 3000i systems are also highly versatile and can be used on virtually any weldable metal. Origo Tig machines benefit from a QWave function that optimises the AC wave form to give a smooth arc and very low noise, and True AC rating can be selected to ensure the true current is automatically maintained at the set level.

Now the Bacton Gas Terminal contract has been completed, the 16 ESAB welding machines have been redeployed on other projects, including some overseas and offshore.

Luke Jackson, Technical Sales Manager at Armultra’s local ESAB distributor, Elmdale Welding & Engineering Supplies, comments: “We have had a trading relationship with Armultra for 30 years and we know how their business operates and what their requirements are. We always like to receive orders for multiple welding machines, but we also provide ongoing backup with technical support, application support, stockholding of consumables, and we supply abrasives and PPE as required. Key to providing a good service to the customer is to understand their business, and having such a longstanding relationship with both Armultra and ESAB has helped us to be much more of a partner to Armultra than a supplier. In fact, we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary with an industry event supported by ESAB and Armultra focusing on innovation, technology and health & safety and this brought together a large number of business from the region.”

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