Customised enclosures for extreme and challenging environments

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Designing specialist electronic systems requires not only theoretical and practical knowledge, but access to the right components as well. For Jubilee Electronics, finding enclosures that offer flexibility and robust protection can be challenging. They often rely on the customisation services from Spelsberg UK and have started specifying the new GEOS range of rugged outdoor enclosures.

Customised enclosures for extreme and challenging environmentsJubilee Electronics is a UK designer and manufacturer of specialist electronic systems for industrial applications located in extreme or challenging environments. The company has 40 years of experience servicing industries as diverse as power generation, automotive manufacturing, HVAC and security. Many of its customers are blue-chip and multinational brands which don’t have the internal expertise to design such specialist systems.

David Valentine, who heads up hardware design for Jubilee, explains: “A lot of our clients are experienced manufacturers or systems installers in their own right. They’ll approach us with theoretical ideas of the system that they need, but they won’t have the knowledge or practical experience to turn it into reality. For example, a lot of the systems that we design carry out a fairly standard function, but must also cope with extreme temperatures, heavy vibration or shock loads.”

For the vast majority of systems that Jubilee designs there is a need for high-quality enclosures that provide flexible mounting options as well as robust protection. In most cases, Jubilee will work directly with Spelsberg UK when specifying enclosures as the customisation and installation services add further value.

David continues: “Spelsberg offers customisation services such as CNC machining, screen printing and assembly in-house, so we’re able to specify extremely specialist enclosures from a single source and have them delivered ready to use out-of-the-box. The difference in lead times is noticeable compared to buying standard enclosures from a distributor and sending them to a third party for customisation.

“Of course, the real added value comes from the expert advice available from Spelsberg. For example, one our latest projects is for a power generation application where the electrical system will be permanently exposed to the elements in an extremely remote location. The cost of gaining access for maintenance would far exceed the cost of the original system, meaning that our solution needs to be fit-and-forget. When we spoke with a representative of Spelsberg they were able to appreciate the concerns we had about the application and suggested we try the latest addition to the range: the GEOS.”

The GEOS range of enclosures has been specifically designed for the most testing of environments. The lightweight polycarbonate design is easy to install and delivers an impact rating of IK09. An innovative ‘Drain Protect’ system that channels moisture away from the enclosure’s seals is incorporated into all models to aid ingress protection – available up to IP67. Variety is also built into the GEOS range with a large selection of standard sizes and accessories available to order.

David explains: “With 40 years of experience in the field, I well understand the challenges of customising an enclosure that will withstand such prolonged exposure to the elements. As soon as I held the sample GEOS in my hand, I could see the level of engineering and quality – it was a real breath of fresh air compared to other enclosures on the market.”

Having initially specified the GEOS for the one-off power generation project, Jubilee Electronics is now specifying the range in several new projects. This is part of the continuing partnership with Spelsberg that is helping to deliver innovation and reliability to Jubilee’s clients.

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