Baumüller DST2 high-torque motors have increased speed and power

Baumüller offers one of the broadest portfolios for electric motors on the market. With advancements and new developments, the range of motors is constantly being adapted to the latest requirements in mechanical engineering - now with increased speed and power for DST2 high-torque motors.

Thanks to this optimisation, motors in sizes 135 to 400 now achieve speeds of up to 2000rpm, depending on size. This improvement paves the way for shorter cycle times and therefore higher productivity in forming, plastics, and textile machines as well as other applications.

At the same time, the manufacturer has expanded the power rating from 320 to 530kW in size 400. So Baumüller is now capable of meeting requirements for industries that focus on high continuous performance, such as shipbuilding or extruders.

With the high-torque motors in the DST2 series, Baumüller offers powerful direct drive technology for low-maintenance and energy-efficient systems. The motors are at present available in five sizes and the 560 size is presently in development. DST2 high-torque motors are now a good option for numerous types of machines, from press to tool and plastics machines to ships, to name but a few applications.

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