Bauromat - Robotic & Automation Systems Integrator

Bauromat is a robotic solutions provider based in Telford, providing a range of automation systems for a variety of industries 

Bauromat is an experienced machine builder and systems integrator with over 20 years in the business of producing automated MIG & Spot-welding systems. Over the last year 12-months, Bauromat has diversified its automation offering, creating a range of standard systems for typical tasks such as machine tending, end of line packaging and other non-welding applications. All projects, whatever the process, are designed around what the company calls “a distinctive philosophy of ‘Day 1 Integration’”.

Referring to its approach to all projects, what it calles ‘Day 1 Integration’ sees Bauromat working closely with the customer and all required suppliers from the start point. From initial meetings and discussions to installation and commissioning, the customer will be involved at all stages, kept informed of everything from meeting minutes and project timelines to an open-house policy where they can stop by and see their project at any point.

Sourcing only from the most reputable names in robotic automation, Bauromat works closely with a range of partners to ensure solutions which are of the highest quality. With official partnerships from leading robot manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Fanuc, KUKA & Yaskawa, (as well as leading names throughout welding, controls, and system safety industries), Bauromat systems come with the guarantee and support of some of the world’s biggest names.

Only robots and associated equipment from leading suppliers are used
Only robots and associated equipment from leading suppliers are used

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