Beckhoff offers virtual visits to support UK automation industry

To support industry in remaining connected and productive during the ongoing COVID-19 situation, Beckhoff Automation UK is running a series of "˜virtual visit' webinars. Taking place every Wednesday, the webinars aim to provide engineers, technicians and industrial managers with practical information on key automation technologies and issues. Information on the upcoming webinars is available on the Beckhoff UK blog.

Alongside the ongoing webinars, Beckhoff UK will be arranging a series of virtual visits directly with customers, to help them understand how they can get up and running again as efficiently as possible.

The topics for the webinars are determined based on feedback Beckhoff receives from customers and interested engineers. The current topics include methods for sizing servo motors and modelling servo applications, first steps to deploying Beckhoff's TwinCAT Vision software for machine vision systems and an exploration of programmable versus non-programmable safety.

Each webinar will be available on the Beckhoff blog after broadcast, remaining accessible alongside the existing EtherCAT network diagnostics and debugging webinar that Beckhoff ran at the beginning of April 2020.

Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff Automation UK says: "If there is one thing that all industrial businesses know, it's that industry can't - and doesn't - just stop. Whether a company is a critical business that is boldly, directly contributing to address the impact of COVID-19, or an industrial business that is admirably adapting to this change, we want to support in as many ways as we can during this time.

"These webinars are equal-parts aimed at offering advice and guidance to engineers and keeping in touch with customers during a time when everybody is distanced. The weekly webinars take a more informal, relaxed tone because they're as much about the connection between Beckhoff and the engineers that trust our technologies, as they are about industrial connectivity itself."

Beckhoff will also be running more formal webinars of its successful skills lab sessions in the coming months. Lead by specialists from the Beckhoff Automation UK team, these sessions will go into technical depth on more specific industry applications, such as advanced guidance for Beckhoff's TwinCAT and TwinSAFE software.

To view Beckhoff UK's webinars and keep up to date with the latest topics being discussed, go to


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