Beckhoff to host day of automation demos and technical workshops

Beckhoff Automation UK is inviting industrial professionals to discover the opportunities and technical possibilities of modern automation systems at the company's Automation Update 2020 event. Taking place at MK7 at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes on 27 February 2020, the event will feature several presentations from Beckhoff's specialists and customers, as well as a skills lab and a breakout area featuring equipment demos and advice from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Taking place from 09:30 until 16:30, Automation Update 2020 will be Beckhoff's largest self-hosted event to date. Throughout the day, industrial business leaders, managers and engineers can discover the benefits and opportunities presented by modern automation technologies, as well as learning about the latest developments from across Beckhoff Automation's extensive product offering.

The venue's main room will feature presentations throughout the day. These presentations range from updates to Beckhoff's TwinCAT software system and how its machine learning developments and MATLAB/Simulink integration will benefit industrial businesses, to discussions of how ATEX can be successfully implemented in automation.

The main stage will also feature a guest talk by one of Beckhoff UK's customers, exploring the use case for modern automation systems. The day will conclude with a question and answer session on the main stage featuring a panel of experts from various industries and aspects of automation.

Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff Automation UK explains: "If we consider how significantly automation - of all types - has changed industry over the last few decades, it's relatively easy to understand how rapidly automation technologies advance. The purpose of the Automation Update is to do as the name suggests: to update industry on not just the latest developments at Beckhoff Automation, but the latest advancements in automation technologies.

"This year, the Beckhoff team has worked hard globally to make substantial updates to our numerous industrial automation and motion products. To do justice to these developments, and to adequately demonstrate and technical teach visitors about these new systems, this is our largest event to date."

In addition to the main room talks, engineers and plant managers are able to develop their understanding of automation technology at demonstrations in break out areas of the venue. These sessions will include a demo of Beckhoff's XTS transport system and the machine learning capabilities of the TwinCAT software, as well as kinematics and measurement equipment.

For more experienced automation users, Beckhoff is hosting a skills lab to share knowledge and techniques. The skills lab will cover skills for mastering TwinCAT and TwinSAFE software, as well as general technical guidance for HMI and IoT systems.

Bradley McEwan, business development manager at Beckhoff UK explains: "This event comes at a prime time for industry in our view. Business leaders are beginning to come around to the benefits and opportunities presented by new automation technologies.

"However, it will take successful application of, and technical competency with, these systems for the benefits to be realised. We've balanced the event between top-level benefits for business leaders, demonstrations for managers and technical guidance in automation techniques for engineers, which will allow for greater understanding, at all levels, of these evolving technologies."

Beckhoff's Automation Update 2020 will take place at MK7, at Red Bull Racing, in Milton Keynes on 27 February 2020. Follow the link for more information on the schedule for the event. To register to attend, email


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