Blind rivet nuts for sheet metals and plastics

TR Fastenings is introducing a range of blind rivet nuts in response to customer demand. These mechanical fasteners ensure a strong thread in a thin sheet and provide a versatile option where there is little or no access at the rear. Available in many variations and sizes, TR's huge stock allows delivery mostly within 24 hours.

Blind rivet nuts - also known as gripserts, coleserts and blind nuts - can be easily installed into sheet metal as well as tubing and extrusions in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and a variety of plastics. They are available in body styles of round, knurled and hexagonal with head styles of flange, countersunk and reduced in aluminium, steel and stainless steel in sizes M3 to M10 with grip ranges of 0.5 to 6mm. Invented in the United States in the 1930s for the aerospace industry, applications now include medical, marine, automotive, aerospace, white goods, telecoms, electronics and general engineering.

TR's blind rivet nuts provide many benefits including a stable thread on thin-walled components, simple blind (one-sided) installation, fast assembly time, low assembly costs (easy installation with one single operation of the hand), low installation costs (no expensive setting tools needed), working in close-to-edge applications and no damage to painted or finished surfaces. They can be set with a hand or pneumatic tool, a press or an automatic installation unit. They can be also used to clinch separate sheets together (acting as a rivet) allowing assembly of another component with a bolt or screw.

These sheet metal products form part of TR's portfolio which includes the genuine Hank rivet bush, self clinch studs, K-Series nuts, cage nuts, weld studs & nuts, swage nuts and the Euro rivet bush. Looking ahead, TR's in-house Branded Products Team will be introducing self-clinch clear hole standoffs, studs and standoffs for thin sheets in the near future.

Paul Standing, TR Fastenings' Commercial (Products) Manager comments: "TR remains committed to providing the best available range of products, service and support to all our sheet metal customers. Our branded range has expanded by over 20 per cent in the past 5 years, as we respond to customer's needs."

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