Boilermaster gaskets cope with high temperatures and pressures
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Posted to News on 19th Jun 2007, 19:53

Boilermaster gaskets cope with high temperatures and pressures

James Walker's new Supagraf Boilermaster braided graphite ribbon gaskets combine superior performance for boiler door joint sealing at higher temperatures and pressures with excellent resistance to oxidation and chemical attack - plus they offer significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Boilermaster gaskets cope with high temperatures and pressures

These gaskets are made from high-purity graphite, giving the elevated thermal stability to deliver an exceptionally long service life. With negligible volatile content, they experience no reduction in volume that could otherwise impair sealing efficiency.

Boilermaster can be used with confidence at steam temperatures to 230degC, which equates to a saturated steam pressure of 27bar. It may be suitable for higher temperatures and pressures following consultation with the manufacturers.

Simple to install and remove, Boilermaster gaskets are flexible and deformable for ease of fitting, and are compressible enough to ensure that uneven mating surfaces are completely sealed. They are easy to remove and replace for boiler servicing, without the need for any chiselling.

Broad range

Available as endless joints to fit hand-holes and man-ways, the material is offered in elliptical, oval, obround and circular shapes from 45-610mm inside diameter and in flange widths from 9.5-50mm. All standard joints are 6.5mm thick. Sizes outside these dimensions may be supplied to order.

Steam boilers make extreme demands on gaskets and James Walker designed its Supagraf Boilermaster gaskets for applications where temperatures are too high to achieve an acceptable service life with standard moulded rubber gaskets. They are a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the various types of proofed cloth folded gaskets.

The graphite ribbon is resistant to 450degC in an air/oxidising environment. It offers excellent chemical resistance across the range, from 0 to 14pH, and has a low content of corrosion initiator impurities such as chloride and sulphur.

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