Box PC b maXX PCC04 even more efficient

With the new generation of b maXX PCC04 box PCs, Baumüller is providing a new scalable and versatile control platform to users at the beginning of the year. The industry PC offers a large amount of interfaces, is expandable and thus enables a flexible machine construction.

Now new processors are being installed in the b maXX PCC04. As before, the sixth generation of the box PC processors with the code name Skylake comes from the Intel Core family. The Skylake processors satisfy the requirements for higher service and are also more energy-efficient than the preceding models, due to their reduced power dissipation. The box PCs equipped with the new processors now offer four instead of the one USB 3.0 interfaces that had been customary so far.

André Zivny, Product Manager Automation at Baumüller explains: "With the Skylake CPUs, the box PC b maXX PCC04 achieves a higher work performance with less energy consumption."

The b maXX PCC04 is the latest generation of industrial PCs from Baumüller. It offers users a scalable and versatile platform that provides a large number of interfaces, can be expanded, and thus enables a flexible machine design. The b maXX PCC04 is equipped by default with a serial interface, a video output, a card slot and USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0 ports. Thanks to an integrated EtherCAT master, the new industrial PC can be either used on the highest control level or integrated as slave in existing, Ethernet-based systems. Beyond that, Baumüller's b maXX PCC04 offers all preconditions for the integration of simulations for control engineering. This results in high flexibility in the application.

The user can select between four different CPUs that all distinguish themselves by high energy efficiency: from Atom DualCore to QuadCore and i3 CPUs to the i5 processor. Based on the separate cores for Windows and the real-time operating system, the availability of the b maXX PCC04 is particularly high. Baumüller also provides the user with 4 GB RAM and 30 GB internal memory as standard.

Baumüller's b maXX PCC04 is IEC 61131-compatible, which means that all of the strengths of the Baumüller PLC can be represented here. In the end, the user benefits from an optimally aligned overall hardware and software package made by Baumüller.

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