Calibration test lab for high-voltage current transducers

Danisense has set up a DC calibration test lab at its Danish headquarters and manufacturing site in Taastrup, further strengthening the company's reputation for flexibility, quality and accuracy of its products.

A free service for its high-voltage 500V and 10,000V products, units are 100 per cent tested and shipped with a Certificate of Calibration which details the actual current error (always significantly less than the ppm values specified in the datasheet), the error without offset and the linearity error. This enables customers to have full confidence in the measurements they make.

Christian Markvardsen, Project manager/R&D engineer at Danisense comments: "The investment means that we can assure our customers of the accuracy of our current transducers without relying on shipping parts to a third party. Most customers are happy with the DC measurements that we provide, but we may look to add an AC measurement capability in the future."

By combining complex magnetic performance with advanced electronics Danisense provides efficient and precise products that match the requirements of worldwide customers in demanding industries. Danisense was founded in 2012 and today is based in Denmark and Japan. The company's founders and key employees are highly experienced and possess specialised knowledge about high-precision current transducers, enabling Danisense to create products that enable its customers to quickly and easy measure AC and DC currents with accuracies down to 1ppm. Its products are of the highest quality and have a flat frequency response and outstanding DC stability.

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