Category 2 safety light curtains sealed to IP67

According to Panasonic Electric Works UK, the new SUNX SF2B Category 2 safety light curtains fulfil all international safety regulations. For machine builders that export their products, this results in a significant reduction in costs: country-specific device types no longer need to be considered during the design phase; rather one and the same device is approved for all countries.

Another highlight of the new safety light curtains is its shielded electronics that are protected to IP67. Water- and dust-proof, the SF2B is therefore suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and production sites. The higher IP level also results in a reduction in outages. And by guarding the device against foreign particles such as weld spatter, the optional front protection cover enables the SF2B to be used in even the most severe industrial environments.

Also notable is that there are no 'dead zones' at the ends of the SF2B. Consequently there is no need to provide additional protective elements at these positions, plus it is not necessary to overlap light curtains when mounting them in series to cover these insecure positions, which is sometimes the case with alternative safety light curtains.

Follow the link for more information about the SUNX SF2B safety light curtains.

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