CNC-Flexicut 250 deburring tool boosts efficiency
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Posted to News on 20th Jan 2007, 17:11

CNC-Flexicut 250 deburring tool boosts efficiency

TIA's CNC-Flexicut 250 high-speed deburring tool successfully automates the removal of burrs generated during machining processes. Post-machining burrs can vary in size due to irregular and undefined part edges arising from tolerance errors in castings, variations in size of flash/burrs, fixture holding or dull tooling. However, the CNC-Flexicut eliminates the manual deburring operation and its related health and safety problems.

CNC-Flexicut 250 deburring tool boosts efficiency

Fixed tooling cannot cope with large variations in burrs because of the dimensional tolerance range of the parts being deburred. These unpredictable departures from the expected contours introduce errors into the tool's position relative to the part, resulting in unacceptable variations in chamfer dimensions. In contrast, the CNC-Flexicut tool complies with the edge it is following, compensating for edge deviations of up to 8mm. It has an innovative gimbal suspension that allows it to deburr around corners without changing tool orientation. A throttle valve can set the pressure against the part to allow a variation of chamfer width and materials.

The spindle of the machine centre is stationary during the deburring process while the tool is driven by an air spindle rotating at 35,000rpm, allowing high feed rates of up to 15m/min. The air is fed through the hollow shaft usually used to feed coolant to the cutters. Air is often used to flush the coolant out prior to a tool change, so the air connection is often already present; spindles without this facility can use a quick-release air fitting that can be connected manually once the tool is in place.

The tool is available in a range of standard machine tool mounts including SK, Weldon, etc. The CNC-Flexicut can be stored in a standard tool rack and it accepts widely available commercial burrs, allowing economical deburring of all material types. A comprehensive range of other tools is also available for dedicated Deburring Robot Cells.

Automation of the deburring process solves many problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and 'vibration white finger' caused by vibrations from handheld deburring tools. The CNC-Flexicut 250 produces consistent and reliable finishing, so inspection is not needed in many cases. Furthermore, eliminating the need to transport parts to a manual deburring area improves production efficiency, especially if there are staff issues.

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