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News articles

Free webcast: energy efficiency and the Ecodesign Directive
Lenze launches weekly webcast series
Statement from Lenze following cancellation of Hannover Messe
Lenze: From idea to production
Lenze is ready for 2020 despite tough market conditions
Lenze improves market position and achieves revenue growth
Lenze's end-to-end tools and services for digital engineering
Lenze appoints Balz as Senior Vice President Automation Systems
Lenze UK gains Authorised Economic Operator status
Lenze to showcase mechatronic drive systems at IMHX exhibition
Lenze boosts drive and automation training offering
Lenze celebrates 50th anniversary in the UK
Lenze showcase logistics technology at Passenger Terminal Expo
Lenze starts development of £44m Mechatronic Competence Campus
The Lenze online advent calendar is back for 2018!
Lenze leads machine design into the future
Learn about the Lenze automation platform at PPMA Show
Lenze boosts training across its Drive & Automation platform
Lenze to showcase its automation platform at Foodex 2018
The Lenze online Advent Calendar is back!
Lenze celebrates being a driving force in industry for 70 years
Technical article tackles warehouse automation challenge
Optimising machine automation in food and beverage manufacturing
Lenze presents recipes for the processing and packaging industry
Lenze team up with ei3 for secure data handling in the cloud
Lenze's i500 inverter range WLAN module reaches awards final
Lenze demonstrates smart factory technology to Chancellor Merkel
Lenze i500 inverters available from local stockists
New brochure for state-of-the-art Lenze i500 inverter drives
i500 inverter parameters easily set by smartphone
Lenze demonstrates integrated automation
Lenze introduces new online training concept
How to set up an inverter drive in just 3, 5 or 7 minutes
Panel building service provides benefits for machine builders
New Chief Executive Officer for Lenze SE
White paper describes potential for huge savings in drive energy
Lenze BlueGreen solutions deliver major energy savings
Free brochure outlines 'Energy saving solutions'

Product articles

Lenze motors support compliance with Ecodesign Directive
Lenze launches decentralised i500 frequency inverters
Next-generation controllers for Industry 4.0: IT meets OT
Smart condition monitoring with no extra sensors
Lenze's i550 protec drive has IP66 protection and IO-Link
Smart servo axis for effective and versatile production
Lenze i950 Servo inverter: A new chapter in automation
Compact and easy: the new m850 synchronous servo motors
Ready-to-go ErP-compliant motors and geared motors from Lenze
Lenze doubles torques of geared motors
Lenze introduces a new safety controller
Upgraded controller boasts more power but needs no cooling
Geared motor drives are preconfigured for faster installation
Energy recovery becomes more economic and easy
New compact, low-cost, user-friendly Lenze inverter drives
Gesture-controlled operating system for machine visualisation
Lenze’s IE3 motors are easy to integrate
Easy access to Lenze controllers with OPC UA
New machine controllers are compact and cost-effective
Aluminium geared motors offer exceptionally wide speed range
Lenze Smart Motor speed is set using smartphone app
New range of modular gearboxes with higher power density
High-speed I/O system suits real-time motion control
Lenze update PLC Designer with CoDeSys 3
Decentralised inverter for larger plants
Lenze i700 servo inverters now available for powers up to 15kW
Lenze FAST software cuts machine development times
Easier drive installation with Lenze motec inverters
Bevel gearboxes – the modern replacement for worm gears
Servo drive at the top of the 8400 frequency inverter range
High-performance servos deliver savings for machine builders
8400 motec terminal box inverters rated from 0.37 to 7.5kW
OKS surface protection system now available on servo motors
Lenze I/O System 1000 gains functions and fieldbus couplers
Lenze 8400 series inverters offered with cold plate mounting
MF three-phase motors save space, energy and cost
Lenze SMV inverters gain new functions for machine applications
Controller integrates PLC logic, motion control, visualisation
TopLine inverters are cost-effective for servo applications
Servo drive safety module accepts single resolver input
Inverter-optimised motors save energy and are cheaper to buy
IP65 inverter drives now available in power ratings up to 22kW
Conveyor system inverter drives incorporate safety functions
Miniature touchscreen HMI has the option of a Soft-PLC
Lenze 8400 motec inverters mount on motors or panels
New range of energy-efficient IE2 geared motors
New I/O modules for EtherCAT, sensors and counters
Geared motors and brake motors with additional protection
New modular L-force I/O system 1000 for real-time control
IP65 inverter drives can be used in direct sunlight
Drive Solution Designer tool helps to save energy
L-force Logic & Motion gains Profibus option
Lenze offers soft-PLC option for EL100 touchscreen HMIs
IP65 inverter drive features integral isolator
Lenze 9400 servo drives control curved motion profiles
Lenze 8400 HighLine inverters incorporate motion control
Asynchronous servo motors offer economy and long life
New models and features for Lenze 8400 inverters
Power supplies save energy through regenerative braking
PositionServo drive includes Ethernet as standard
Touchscreen HMI range now available with built-in soft-PLC
Blowers boost power output of synchronous servo motors
'Rightsize' modular drives deliver cost-effective functionality
Electronic cams provide exceptional dynamic performance
Lenze 9400 servo drives gain EtherCAT module option
Asynchronous servo motors now rated at up to 31.5kW
Drives cope with water jets - and freezing in ice
Sensorless vector drives are easy to commission
Servo drive module handles multiple safety functions

Technical articles

Grasping the opportunities afforded by Industry 4.0
Choosing an automation partner for Industry 4.0
How machine builders can address the issue of single-use plastic
The smart, efficient option for driving horizontal conveyors
Trend interview: Software engineering in drive technology
How drives and automation meet the needs of modern warehouses
Less is more: keeping complexity out of automation
How to optimise handling systems for warehouses
Logistics 4.0 is already reality
Digital services from OEMs
How to achieve cyber-security in a Smart Factory
How to adopt modularisation in the Industry 4.0 era
Top-three requirements for machine control systems
Machine building, data, the IIoT and Industry 4.0
How to choose an automation partner
Five factors to consider when specifying automation
Flexible machines to produce at batch size 1
Using energy-efficient electric motors to meet Energy Directives
Inverters include energy-saving technology for no extra cost
Choosing the right technology for positioning applications
Safety of machinery - a review of the guide from Lenze
How to cut the life cycle cost of automation projects

Application Stories

Freight logistics look for replicable material flow systems
Lenze Schmidhauser supports Formula Student Driverless
Study enhances materials handling performance and reliability
New electric car world record with Lenze inverters
Lenze drives and control technology play key role in the theatre
Formula Student event includes Lenze-powered racing car
Servo technology increases air filter production by 70 per cent
DC-bus connection makes energy saving easy
Modernisation instead of a new production line
5-axis robot for bank vault storage
Lenze drives in viastore storage & retrieval system
Precise carriage positioning using frequency inverter
Added automation increases roof truss productivity
New drives for stenting machine
Lenze drive automation for Cornish brewery
Faster laminating through machine innovation
Drive Technology for automated warehouses
Lenze drives and motors simplify carpet recycling machine
Inverters with PID control retrofitted to rope-winding machine
IP65 SMV inverter drives are protected against UV and acid
Lenze automation system boosts packaging output by 20 per cent
Frequency inverters provide smooth starts and motion control
Frequency inverters run remote pumps from SWER supplies
Single-phase inverters used for prison van air conditioning
IP65 drives boost bakery productivity and quality
Centraction selects IP65 sensorless vector drives
IP65 SMV inverter minimises wind tunnel downtime
IP65 inverter mounts on beer pump for filling casks
Beer flows thanks to IP65 frequency inverters
Custom gearmotor cuts AGV cost and power consumption
Aluminium worm geared motors selected for conveyors
Inverters prevent motors burning out on emulsion pumps
IP65 inverters eliminate dust-related failures in food factory
Yoplait conveyors use 85 Lenze inverters and geared motors
Lenze servo motors specified for telescopic conveyors
Labelling machines use customised Lenze IPC and HMI
Drives bring improvements to corrugated board printers

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