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News articles

New 2020/2021 catalogue now available from maxon
Aerospace drive solutions video
maxon appoints new sales engineer in Ireland
Formula E driver Sébastien Buemi becomes ambassador for maxon
maxon publishes new catalogue for 2019/2020
maxon publishes new edition of 'driven' magazine
Free training courses at maxon motor or your own premises
Bodo Fütterer: An exceptionally talented engineer and innovator
driven magazine shows how startups are changing the world
maxon motor group increases revenues
maxon motor builds new Innovation Centre
Configure high-speed drives from your sofa
Technology for uncharted worlds: learn more in driven magazine
Increasing performance and reducing costs with CIM
Win an Apple iPad 2 and celebrate Maxon's 50th anniversary
Maxon Motor achieves ISO 13485 quality standard
Maxon wins award for metal injection moulding (MIM)
See Maxon Motor at Farnborough Airshow 2008
New Maxon motor catalogue has over 300 pages
Maxon catalogue describes customised design service

Product articles

Miniature drives suit medical robots and multi-axis systems
maxon launches new brushless motors, flat motors and gearboxes
New range of subsea pressure compensated actuators
Maxon launches Ultra Performance micro gearheads
maxon introduces miniaturised positioning controller
maxon now supplying ZUB Motion Control master controllers
maxon expands range of EtherCAT motion controllers
New high-precision positioning encoder from maxon motor
Cost-effective brushless EC-i 30 DC motor from maxon motor
maxon now offers BLDC motors as frameless kits
The EC-i 52 DC motor by maxon motor
EPOS4 positioning controller from maxon motor
Maxon brushless DC motor: fast, sterilisable and configurable
Brushless DC motor for demanding operating room applications
High-performance drive in a small package from maxon
Positioning controllers now support CANopen interfaces
Compact servo motors with inductive encoders from Maxon
BLDC motor EC 19 and planetary gearhead GP 19 M
Configurable DC motors, gearheads and encoders from Maxon
New faster MAXPOS 50/5 EtherCAT positioning motor controller
ESCON Module 50/4 EC-S servo motor controller
New, configurable DC motors and gearheads from Maxon Motor
New heavy-duty compact motors for use in high temperatures
Compact positioning controllers are CANopen-compatible
High-precision EPOS2 70/10 controller is energy-efficient
Extended range of electronically commutated DC motors
Compact drive incorporates motor, sensor and controller
New sizes of electronically commutated micro motors
Compact motors offer high dynamism and high torque
Koax-Drive KD 32 offers high torque and quiet running
Easy speed control for brushless DC motors
Book explains principles and applications of magnetism
Electronic commutation supersedes brushed motors
Maxon offers EC micromotors in diameters of 6 to 60mm
Maxon motor improves popular motors and gearheads

Technical articles

How dual loop control combats chattering and hunting
Motor selection for automated guided vehicles
maxon products – designed by engineers for engineers
How to configure a maxon EPOS4 positioning controller
Motor controllers: options for modification and customisation
Small precision motors: standard or customised?
Why specify frameless motors? What are the benefits?
Step-by-step guide to configuring a maxon ESCON speed controller
Miniature motors for medical applications
Robot applications for maxon motors and gearheads
Why DC motors have brushes
Why do DC motors fail? How to specify to prevent failure
How to choose between brushed and brushless DC motors
How to maximise the efficiency of drive system components
Motion and automation controllers explained
Why a new generation of positioning controllers is needed
Motor controllers: build or buy?
Gearhead elasticity and its effect on positioning accuracy
Update on CIM and MIM components
How to design high-precision microdrives

Application Stories

A robot that fights fires – and Coronavirus too
A matter of some gravity: maxon drives fly to Mars
DC motors lead the way in ‘Smart’ farming
A year of maxon supporting Emirates Team New Zealand
maxon is flying to the Sun
Amputee bonds with son thanks to 3D printed hand
Hub drives – the next step for modular robots
maxon DC motors combined with 3D printing in bionic hand
maxon products perform crucial roles in robotic keyhole surgery
NASA specifies maxon DC motors for Martian drone
Maxon motors in new Halléoojamaflipaphone musical instrument
Special gearheads benefit medical and robotic projects
maxon motors and gearheads chosen for endurance race car engines
maxon motor aids environmental monitoring
maxon drives help people to walk again
World’s first modular robot system uses maxon motor
Miniature motors replace pneumatics in robotic hand
Deep brain surgery inspired by wasps
Compact underwater DC drives
maxon's low-noise brushed DC motor makes music
The importance of inspecting sutures
Compact brushless DC motor selected for medical instrument
Air-sampling pump using maxon DC motor protects workers’ health
The tool of choice for compounding pharmacists
Snake arm robots and Maxon Motor UK
Motor configuration tool used to source low-noise DC motor
New miniature rescue robot for Warwick Mobile Robotics
Drilling to new limits in Antarctica with maxon motors
Circulatory support without surgery for heart failure patients
Turning food waste into nano-fibres
Maxon Motor takes part in chase to catch up with a comet
Intelligent prosthetics use Maxon brushed DC motors
Orbital welding bug uses DCX motors
Humanoid robot utilises 80 maxon DC servo motors
Flat motor and gearhead used in dual-purpose table
Solar-powered robot uses energy-efficient DC motors
Maxon motors selected for F1 wing actuators
Grand Prix cars benefit from motorised wing flaps
Ceramics provide benefits for mechanical components

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